Spring Cleaning Disposal: Auto Parts

By now we hope you’ve cleaned out your closet, emptied your medicine cabinet, and cleared your basement of paint cans. You also might have started to think about recycling your roof shingles. 

Your house must be spotless at this point, but have you forgotten about your beloved automobile? While, as a dumpster delivery company, we don’t consider ourselves leaders in auto repairs, we do like to share some advice on cleaning up your cars.

First, visit your local auto repair shop for a regular car check-up. People tend to forget to check their spare tires, but that’s an absolute must. Plus, it’s about time to start thinking about that air conditioning system.

So, what if your car is past repair and is sadly sitting (dead) in your driveway?

If you’ve been holding onto a car for way too long, you know. Your neighbors know it. Really, everyone does.  Once you’re over the initial mourning period, it’s time to decide what to do with your car. 

First find out if it’s worth it to sell the car to a dealership or a service like Carmax

If it’s really beyond repair, then start considering other options. You can visit a local scrapyard that will give you money in exchange for metals and car parts. For a list of your local scrapyards, visit our homepage and click on the town closest to you. 

While some car parts can directly be placed in your Roll-Off Dumpster, others require special disposal instructions. Visit our FAQ page to find out what items are prohibited. Additionally, contact your local recycling center to find out if your car parts could be repurposed. 

Visit Earth 911 for more information about recycling various car parts.

Just need a good cleaning?

If you don’t want to spend the money to get your car professionally cleaned and detailed, there’s plenty of products available to clean your cars at home. 

Take the time to clean out the inside of your car. Vacuum the interior and try using cotton swabs to clean out smaller areas. Use a damp cloth or mild cleaner to wipe off the interior surfaces. Use a dry, soft cloth and some non-ammonia glass cleaner to clean the windows, inside and out.  

For the outside of your car, find a soap specifically made for cleaning cars and mix it into a bucket with water. It’s worth it to buy a quality sponge for car cleanings. Clean the car section by section so you won’t miss a spot, and hose off the sponge before dipping it back into the bucket. Once you complete a section, hose off your car and dry with a cloth.

You then might consider applying a polish, tire shine, and trim preservative.  

Now with a clean and safe car and home, you’re off to a fresh start…just in time for summer. Almost.