30 Yard Dumpster Rental

30 yard dumpster dimensions

Length Width Height
22′ 8′ 6′
Trash Bags Truck Loads
Trash~150 Pickup~15

The 30 yard dumpster is the most popular construction dumpster rental size.  At 6’ high by 8’ wide by 22’ long, 30 yard dumpsters are the perfect size for major home projects, such as building an addition or gutting the full interior of an existing home.

The 30 yard dumpster rental is commonly used for:

  • Renovating multiple rooms of a home
  • Cleaning out a large basement or attic
  • Cleaning out an entire residence or business
  • Removing debris from a new construction site

Our 30 yard roll-off containers make it easy to dispose of large quantities of garbage. You can throw waste materials over the top of the dumpster or use the swing door to load through the rear of the dumpster. It also works well as a roofing dumpster for homes or small businesses. 

Additional information regarding the 30 yard dumpster can be found below, but if you are looking for a free instant price quote or are ready to schedule your delivery, you can do so right here on our website. We take the hassle out of residential roll-off dumpster rentals and commercial dumpster rentals making the entire process simple, convenient, and budget-friendly. Order your 30 yard dumpster rental today!

30 Yard Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Dimensions of a 30 Yard Dumpster? 

The 30 yard dumpster is approximately 6′ high, 8′ wide, and 22′ long.

How Much Can the 30 Yard Dumpster Hold?

This size of dumpster has a weight limit of 30 cubic yards of material, or approximately 15 pickup truck loads.

How Much Space Do I Need for a 30 Yard Dumpster?

In order for one of our 30 yard dumpster rentals to be delivered to your property, you need a space that is at least 10′ wide by 60′ long. Keep in mind that the dumpster has an 8′ swing out door, so you may want to consider having your dumpster placed where there is enough room to open the swing door and allow for materials to be walked into the dumpster.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are 30 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices?

The cost of a 30 yard dumpster depends on factors such as location, waste type, debris weight, fuel rates, and government fees. We work hard to keep dumpster rental prices low. We offer free instant online quotes or give us a call at 888-885-2048 if you need assistance.

For more information, check out our Roll-Off Dumpster Prices & Quotes page.

Need a Different Size? Find Our Other Dumpster Rentals!

One of our 30-Yard Dumpster Rentals sitting in a client’s driveway.

In addition to our popular 30 yard roll-off garbage containers, we offer two options for smaller projects, our 10 yard dumpster rental and 20 yard dumpster rental. If you believe you need an even larger size, we offer a 40 yard dumpster rental for very large construction and demolition projects.  Full details about all of our rental options are available here on our website.

If you are deciding which size is right for your project, remember what we always say: When in doubt, size up! It will cost you less to empty a larger dumpster once than to have to empty a smaller dumpster multiple times. If you are still looking for help regarding the size of your dumpster rental, please give us a call for assistance.

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