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Prepare for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is a powerful storm that is projected to make landfall in Florida by Saturday evening. We urge all of you in the area to take the proper precautions for staying safe.

Stay Safe During the Storm

Follow Governor Scott’s advice, if you are in an evacuation area, get out now. If you’re not sure if your location is flood prone, check this map.

If you evacuate your home, be sure to store important documents in a waterproof container and move it to high ground if possible. Reinforce your windows and garage doors, set a rendezvous point with family members, and create an emergency preparedness kit.

What to Include in Your Hurricane Preparedness Kit

  1. A Week’s Worth of Bottled Water and Food for Family and Pets. Canned and dried goods are your best bet. Don’t forget your manual can-opener. 
  2. Flashlight, Batteries, and Radio. These will help you stay safe and monitor the storm in the event that you lose electricity.
  3. First-Aid Kit. Stock basic supplies for treating injuries and medications for all family members who take them.
  4. Gasoline. Fill your cars and generators. Fuel prices are likely to skyrocket after the storm.
  5. Disposable Items and Board Games. While not a matter of life or death, extra trash bags, paper plates, plastic utensils, toilet paper, and basic activities will help you to retain a sense of humanity if things get rough during the storm.

For more tips on hurricane safety, check out this article.

Our Thoughts are With Our Florida Customers

According to one of our Florida vendors, an 185 mph wind failed to move his dumpster! Although dumpsters may be very resilient, the wind is still likely to blow around any debris left inside. Our thoughts are with all of our Florida customers and vendors through the storm. Stay safe!

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Philly’s Splashiest Party Works Around Dumpster Pool Ban

Cedar Street Road Barrier Pool

Photo Courtesy of Danya Henninger/Billy Penn

Last year, Philadelphia made international news when the Cedar Street Block Party featured a dumpster pool.

Philadelphia law enforcement was not happy about the pool and refused to issue future permits for parties on this block. However, the forces behind this annual jamboree wouldn’t be stopped so easily.

Operation Jersey Girl

After getting bounced around from department to department, Seth Myers, the party’s organizer, was able to obtain the city’s reluctant approval for another block party. His permit did specify that absolutely no dumpster pools would be permitted.

An architectural designer and avid cliff jumper, Seth Myers is an innovative sort who was ready to come up with an alternative to dumpster pools. That’s where “Operation Jersey Girl” came into play.

The Roadblock Pool

For several weeks before the party, Seth and his friends rounded up any Jersey plastic barriers they saw. They used these to create a 12′ X 8′ rectangle, added a layer of AstroTurf to the bottom, and tied down several waterproof tarps over the whole thing.

The entire neighborhood was invited to the party on Saturday, July 29. Dozens of residents turned out and the pool was a hit among all age groups.

Party-goers also enjoyed a moon-bounce, dunk tanks, a giant water slide tunnel, and more.

Check out the full story and see photos of the pool here.

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Target Will Retire Beloved Brands, But Add New Ones to the Mix

Target StoreRoll-Off Dumpster Direct is proud of the relationships we have built with various clients. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with several Target stores along the East Coast.

We are excited about Target’s upcoming changes that will help evolve the store to keep up with the changing times.

New Brands

Target is doing away with beloved brands, including Mossimo, Merona, Cherokee, and Circo. 

In their place, Target is introducing new brands:

  • A New Day, women’s apparel
  • Goodfellow & Co, men’s apparel
  • JoyLab, athletic wear
  • Project 62, home decor

What’s the Reason for the Changes?

In an interview Mark Tritton, Target’s executive VP and chief merchandising officer, said the brands were performing well, but Target executives saw a chance to create a distinctive personality for their store.

Roughly one year ago, Target launched Cat & Jack, a children’s clothing line. Even though their other kids’ brands were performing well, like Cherokee and Circo, launching Cat & Jack had excellent results. Since the new branding, customers feel more loyal to and have a newly established preference for Target.

Executives are hoping to keep the ball rolling by creating some new branding.

New Store Layouts

In 2017, Target plans to remodel 110 stores. The first new style store will make its debut in the Houston suburbs this October.

The most notable difference in the new style stores is the dual entrances–one that offers seasonal displays for a more leisurely experience, and one for picking up online orders for those looking to get in and out quickly.

The quick section will also feature a “last minute” area where guests can pick up essentials like lunchboxes and snacks during back to school, or greeting cards and flowers during mother’s day.

We can’t wait to see these updates take shape!

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Our Top Five Sun Care Tips

Skin care SPF Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has the pleasure of delivering dumpsters to several CVS Pharmacies along the East Coast.

In May of this year, the retail pharmacy giant announced that their stores will no longer carry sunscreens with an SPF lower than 15.

Five Tips for Protecting Your Skin This Summer

Using SPF 15 or higher sunscreen is one of many methods the FDA recommends for decreasing risk of skin cancer and other sun-related skin damage. We thought it was fitting to provide 5 more tips for skin protection.

  1. Make Sure Your Sunscreen is Broad Spectrum: There are two types of sun rays, both of which can cause skin cancer and lasting skin damage. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays have longer waves and can cause skin aging; ultraviolet B (UVB) rays have shorter waves and cause sunburn. Unless your sunscreen says it’s broad spectrum, it likely only offers UVB protection. 
  2. Take Other Measures to Protect Your Skin: Sunscreen is only one step. The FDA also recommends seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, wearing a hat with a 3 inch or wider brim, and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. 
  3. Reapply Every 2 Hours: You need to reapply sunscreen every two hours, and more often if you’ve been sweating or swimming. Companies are no longer allowed to make claims that they’re product is waterproof, but some will say they are water resistant up to 40 or 80 minutes. 
  4. Everyone Older Than 6 Months Needs Sunscreen: No matter your skin tone, familial history, race, or ethnicity, you are susceptible to sun damage. The one exception to this rule is that babies younger than 6 months should not wear sunscreen, as their skin is sensitive to the ingredients in sunscreen. However, babies’ skin is incredibly sensitive to the sun, so it’s important that they are in the shade and wear protective clothing when outside. 
  5. Apply Correctly: The average-sized person needs to apply 1 oz of sunscreen — enough to fill a shot glass. If you are larger or smaller, adjust the amount as needed so that all of your skin that isn’t covered by clothing is generously coated.

We hope all our clients have a fun summer and keep their skin safe!

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Texas Professor Builds Dumpster-Inspired Homes

Kasita MicrohomeAmerican products are known for being extra large, and everything is especially bigger in Texas. One man is challenging that notion.

Jeff Wilson, a college professor from Austin, TX lived in a dumpster for an entire year. In his 6-by-6 foot dumpster, Wilson was able to install solar power, basic cooking accommodations,  a composting toilet, and a solar heated shower.

Wilson’s goal was to prove to his students that he could live on 1% of the electricity and water the average American uses in 1% of the space.

Now that the project is over, Wilson is rolling out dumpster-inspired micro homes via his new company, Kasita. This startup company builds tiny homes packed with the most advanced technologies to reduce the carbon footprints of their occupants.

From flat screen TVs, to clothes washers, these tiny homes have all the amenities we’re used to in a fraction of the space. While the median American home size is 2,467 square feet, Kasitas are 352.

While this model is a bit different from the 6X6 original that is near and dear to our hearts here at RDD, it’s difficult to forget the roots of the first Kasita microhouse. 


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Students Save Their Favorite Snack from the Landfill With Customized Dumpsters

pizza sliceCollege students are notorious for pizza consumption.

While pizza is a diet staple that keeps college students satiated as they study into the night, this treat comes with its fair share of waste. And since the grease, cheese, and other food residue on the pizza boxes make the cardboard unfit for recycling, disposal is a sustainability issue.

Pizza Box Dumpster

Photo Courtesy of http://www.dw.com

After a spurt of ingenious brainstorming during a focus group discussion, students at NC State University came up with a creative solution to the pizza box debacle. While pizza boxes may be too much for the recycling bin, they are decomposable.

After refurbishing dumpsters and decorating them with painted-on pizzas, students placed the receptacles around campus for their peers to dispose of pizza boxes.

Since March 2014, more than 18,000 boxes have been saved from the landfill. The project has goals to increase the variety of materials that can be composted before expanding the service to new locations.

We applaud NC State for thinking outside the box and coming up with ways to reduce waste. We are also suckers for a good dumpster makeover–check out this college professor who transformed a dumpster into a house! Or these artists from Georgia, who turned theirs into works of art.

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New Jersey Garbage Guide

trash cans on curbRoll-Off Dumpster Direct has recently expanded into the Garden State! In honor of our recent new digs, we’ve created this garbage guide for our New Jersey customers.

Since trash specifics depend on the local government that serves your area, this is a general guide for New Jersey. To find out detailed information about your community’s disposal requirements, check out the website for your local magistrate. 

Regular Trash

In most communities, regular trash is picked up once a week. Place your containers at the curb after 5:30 PM the day before, or prior to 7 AM the day of your scheduled pick-up day. Place your containers within 4 feet of the roadway, and make certain that they do not impede use of the sidewalk.

You must remove the empty containers from the curb within 12 hours of trash pick-up.


Most communities in New Jersey participate in single stream recycling. This means that all recyclables can be placed into one container–no need to sort! The following items can be recycled:

Metals: Aluminum cans, aluminum foil and bake-ware, steel and tin cans

Papers: Corrugated cardboard, magazines, office paper, newspaper, paperboard, cartons, unsolicited direct mail, phone books

Glass: Clear, amber, green

Plastic: Be sure to thoroughly rinse!

What not to recycle:

  • Any glass that has food waste, dirt, or stones in it
  • Ceramic items
  • Heat-resistant glass
  • Mixed colors of glass that is broken
  • Glass from mirrors or windows
  • Crystal
  • Metal or plastic caps and lids
  • Light bulbs
  • Cathode ray tubes (found in TV and computer monitors)

Bulk Trash

Most communities throughout New Jersey offer a bulk trash pickup day as often as once a month. On bulk trash day, you can dispose of materials you ordinarily cannot. Most communities will dispose of:

Wood and Carpet Scraps: Weighing less than 50 lbs and cut into 4-foot long pieces

Furniture and Car Batteries: Place these at the curb for pick-up

Metal and Household Appliances: These include metal window frames, bed frames, washers, dryers, ovens, and water heaters

Used Motor Oil and Anti-Freeze: Must be in containers that are clearly marked “Used Motor Oil” or “Used Anti-Freeze”

These items must be placed in an automated cart. Most communities issue one cart per household but will allow residents to purchase additional carts. Garbage that is not placed in an automated cart will be tagged and you will be issued a warning. If the problem isn’t corrected, you will be charged with a fine.


Electronic items contain toxic chemicals that need to be disposed of carefully. These items include:

  • Motherboards
  • Video Game Counsels
  • Computers
  • Fax Machines
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • DVD Players
  • VCRs
  • Televisions 

It is important that you clear these items of your personal data. Simply deleting it will not prevent a criminal from stealing your personal information. This post offers helpful tips on how to wipe the data from your electronic device, as well as charities where you can donate your items.

In addition to donating your used electronics to a charity, most New Jersey communities have electronics pick up days. Check your local website for details.


Proper disposal of unneeded medications is important for safety. New Jersey has enacted “Project Medicine Drop,” an initiative that allows residents to dispose of their medications anonymously 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply bring your medicines to a participating police station and place them in the labeled container.

Still Not Sure What to Do With Your Garbage?

One thing the New Jersey public garbage system doesn’t handle is construction scraps. If you have a construction site and need someone to haul the garbage away, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has you covered! From Toms River, to Jersey City,  to Elizabeth, and Trenton, we serve the entire state of New Jersey.

To get started, contact us online or give us a call at 888-885-2048.

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“Street Dish” Initiative Feeds the Hungry Via Dumpsters

Prato de RuaA new initiative in Brazil keeps food out of the trash and puts it in the hands of those who need it. 

Every day, we throw out food that is perfectly fine simply because we don’t want to deal with it anymore. It’s easy to forget that there are hungry people who would never dream of abandoning a meal. 

The tragedy is that it’s nearly impossible to get your leftovers into the hands of someone who really needs them. In an attempt to change that, the Makers Society in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has created an initiative, forming a supply chain to help the hungry.

Prato de Rua (Street Dish) is an initiative that operates by placing a sticker on a dumpster. The sticker encourages passersby to hang their leftovers from a knob on the dumpsters so that the city’s poorest residents can eat them.

We are happy to see that The Makers Society has found a way to use dumpsters as a platform to help those in need.

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Five Fun Facts About Costco

Front of Costco RDD makes frequent stops at Costcos along the East Cost to deliver dumpsters. We are always happy to do business with this wholesale giant!

Costco is the world’s largest membership-only warehouse club, and the second-largest retailer in the world. We think they can attribute this success to their ability to satisfy customers’ wants and needs. 

After doing some research, we found loads of lesser-known Costco facts. Find five of our favorites below. 

Five Costco Facts to Enhance Your Shopping Experience

  1. Costco loses out big time on their rotisserie chicken: With Costco customers bagging 157,000 rotisserie chickens a day, it’s safe to say most shoppers have fallen victim to that enticing scent. At $4.99 per chicken, this deal seems too good to be true–in fact, Costco has admitted to losing $30-40 million per year on this heaven-sent bird bargain. Rather than increase the price, they keep the deal going for their customers’ benefit. Another great steal? Costco’s hot dog and soda combo has cost $1.50 for more than 30 years.
  2. The frozen food aisle is more romantic than you remember: Robert and Meredith Bonilla met in the frozen food section at Costco in 2013. In 2015, they held their wedding in the same place! 
  3. Costco, your apocalypse headquarters: Looking to furnish your fall-out shelter with some easy-to-store eats? You’ll want to purchase Costco’s Emergency Cube, a cardboard box packed with a years’ worth of meals for 4 people. The food inside is safe to eat for 25 years after purchase. Unlike many Costo products, this one isn’t such a bargain. It will set you back $3,999.99.
  4. The low-down on inventory nomenclature: Observant shoppers will notice a few things about Costco pricing. Understanding the method to the madness will make bargain hunting a breeze! When a Costco item is still at full price, the price ends in .99. If you find an item price ending in .97, that means it is marked down from its original cost. See an asterisk after the item’s price? That means it won’t be reordered, so if you gotta have it, buy it now!
  5. Costco liquor club, membership not required: If the liquor section at your Costco has a separate entrance, you don’t need a membership to shop there! The same rule applies if the entrance is in the store, just head to the customer service desk for a “Temporary Alcohol Shopping Pass” and Bob’s your uncle.

After learning these facts, we are even more intrigued by the strange and magical world of Costco Wholesale Corporation! Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is happy to serve Costco’s waste disposal needs.

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Dumpster Diving Janitor Rescues Retainer

retainerRetainers are orthodontic appliances that help maintain a straight smile.

They are designed to be discrete, so they’re easy to miss, especially when they aren’t in your mouth. Since they need to be removed while eating, accidental retainer disposal is a tale too often told. Unfortunately, retainers can costs upwards of $600 for a replacement set.

If it weren’t for the intervening of a dumpster diving janitor, this would have been the fate of a 4th grade student, Rowan, who mistakenly threw away her brand new retainer after lunch on baked bean and chicken sandwich day.

After eating lunch, Rowan headed to recess where she realized she must have thrown away her retainer. She alerted Rusty Mailliard, a janitor at Oakdale Elementary school in Omaha, who dove into the school dumpsters to retrieve the dental appliance. 

Rowan and her mother are grateful to Rusty’s efforts and are glad he was there to save the day. 

At Roll-Off Dumpster Direct, we love a good dumpster diving story! Check out our past dumpster diving post about a Tufts University student who runs a free restaurant using food he salvages from dumpsters.

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