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From Trash to Table

If you’re like most Americans, when you eat strawberries, you cut off the green leafy tops
and throw them away. When you have cold, leftover dredges in the bottom of your coffee pot, you pour them down the drain without a second thought. 

Salvage Supperclub

Salvage Supperclub not only prepares food items that are typically discarded, but they serve the finished product inside a dumpster. By creating gourmet meals from food scraps that usually go to waste, they promote sustainable eating habits and challenge people to rethink food.

In the dumpster dining room, Salvage Supperclub serves dishes like “Office Coffee Butter & Recycled Rice Bread,” “Candied Strawberry Tops” and “Broccoli Stalk Slaw.” They use not so attractive scraps, like bruised fruit, pineapple cores, and mushroom stems, to concoct delicious dishes.

Salvage Supperclub is based in New York City but rolls their thoroughly disinfected dumpster all across the country.


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Roll-Off Dumpster Expands to New Jersey

Hoboken Recently, we decided to extend our affordable dumpster rental opportunities into New Jersey. Our new site is located at 2 University Plaza, STE 100, Hackensack, NJ, 07601. You can also reach the office by calling 201-490-4025. We will be serving the entire state of New Jersey. 

At Roll-Off Dumpster Direct, we are always looking for the opportunity to expand. We have perfected branching out to new locations while keeping the quality of our service as high as ever. We are excited to begin conducting business in all of New Jersey, including Jersey City, Toms River, Trenton, and Elizabeth. From the beautiful beach towns, to the suburbs of Philadelphia, to North Jersey, we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity!

Better Dumpster Rentals in New Jersey

Dumpsters can come in handy if you’re moving to a New Jersey home, opening a new business, or starting a construction project. With our affordable rates and flexible rental periods, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is your go-to for your dumpster rentals! We have a variety of sizes available, including 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards. Our customers enjoy efficient and friendly service. 

To learn more about the services we offer or to get a free online quote, visit our New Jersey dumpster rental page. We recently expanded to Florida, as well.

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Dumpsters Repurposed Into Public Mobile Parks

Some people look at a dumpster and see a place to dump trash.

Others look at dumpsters and see real potential, like the public works department in Tempe, Arizona, who turned old dumpsters into public recreational areas.

KTar News reported that the public works department took old dumpsters and filled them Pink Flower Cactuswith dirt and planted cacti, flowers, and full-sized trees. Next, they created a seating area along the outside of the dumpster. One of the patios even has a built-in solar-powered phone charging station!

The result? A mobile recreational area that includes a garden and a bench. Since the dumpsters would have been disposed of otherwise, this project was completely free to taxpayers. 

“We want to reuse, we want to repurpose, we want to recycle whenever we possibly can, and this is a really creative way of using something that wasn’t going to be used,” said Kris Baxter-Ging, spokesperson for the city of Tempe.

So far, there are three mini dumpster parks in Tempe. They plan to roll them around to different locations throughout the year. 

Tempe is one of few cities adopting the practice of dumpster parks, but we could see dumpster patios as a hot new trend, nationwide!

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Dumpster, Or Potential Masterpiece?

oil painting paletteDumpsters typically aren’t thought of as beautiful, but in a new project, a Georgia city is challenging that idea. In Valdosta on Sept. 17, local artists took their paint brushes to a new kind of canvas.

The project is called Dumpster Art. After four dumpsters got a steam clean by the Valdosta Public Works Department, selected artists and art groups were invited to paint their masterpieces around town. Community children at Dewar Elementary School painted a fifth dumpster to resemble Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, but with a South Georgia twist.

Artists set up shop at various parking lots and street corners throughout town where the public could watch them create beautiful pieces of public art. The dumpsters will remain on display in Valdosta for one year.

While we ask our customers to refrain from expressing their creativity on rented dumpsters, we love to hear about stories like this! We are extending a special thank you to the people of Valdosta for proving that dumpsters can be more than just waste. 

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Philadelphia Says No to Dumpster Pools

Macro Sea Dumpster Pool

Overview of Macro Sea Dumpster Pool

Dumpster pools have been all the rage — we even reported on them in a previous post. However, the City of Philadelphia recently shut down the party after a block party rented a dumpster, filled it with water from a fire hydrant, and waded right in.

The city’s response wasn’t as lighthearted. The Streets Department is refusing to issue future block party permits to the street of the crime. Additionally, officials have questioned the dumpster rental company on their lack of permits and street protection.

The following is a clip from a statement released by the Mayor’s Office:

  • First and foremost, this could reduce the amount of water available should a fire break out in that neighborhood.  So if you would like to have water available should a fire break out in your home, don’t illegally tap a hydrant
  • There is also the potential loss of life by injury due to the hydrant water pushing a small child or even an adult into oncoming traffic.
  • Finally, remember that the pressure of the water coming out of the hydrant is so strong, and so powerful, that if opened too quickly or closed too quickly, it could deliver a jolt to the main of sufficient force that could break the main … and many blocks could lose water service until it is repaired.

What are your thoughts on dumpster pools and Philly’s reaction? Would you swim in a dumpster  pool?


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Valdosta State University Gets New Training Room

Valdosta State UniversityWe love the opportunity to do business with educational institutions, especially when that delivery comes from our new Georgia location. Recently, we made a delivery to the Valdosta State University campus and noticed a new addition — a functional training room.

This new training room caters to a combination of exercises for everyday movement like squatting, pushing, and rotating. Surveys concluded that students wanted this new type of equipment to improve fitness routines.

The room provides the students with fitness equipment such as quad racks, a punching bag, VertBalls, Corebags, slam balls, soft plyometric boxes, tires, sleds, and more. The staff is also in the process of adding more equipment.

A Well-Rounded Fitness Routine

Much of this equipment is much safer than typical gym equipment, encouraging students to push themselves to new limits. Many of the weights feature a thick rubber coating to prevent them from causing serious damage when dropped. This also helps newcomers feel more comfortable when familiarizing themselves with the new training room.

At Roll-Off Dumpster Direct, we’re always happy to see schools that pay attention to students’ needs as well as students looking to lead healthy lifestyles. For more information, please check out this article posted on the college’s website.

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Target’s VP Talks Brand Power with Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen

Photo from A Bullseye View

In addition to being a globally recognized store, Target maintains several interesting blogs on newsworthy topics as well as intriguing interviews. Recently of note was interview between Target Vice President Vidula Bal and one of TV’s best known hosts, Andy Cohen, on the Outer Spaces stage.

In the interview, which can be found at full length here, Cohen shares his opinions on what it means to create an authentic brand. He explains that his television career began as an intern on a CBS morning news show. Eventually, he earned a position as head of programming at a now-extinct channel called Trio and that led him to his career at Bravo. What started as a blog blossomed into interviews and after-shows with the reality show stars, and eventually became Watch What Happens Live.

On building an iconic brand, he said:

“There’s a need for innovation, and the secret to creating novelty is knowing your brand. When you really understand your brand, there’s so much freedom to cut through the clutter and focus on making the things that your guests, admirers and fans will love. For me, personal brand is something that needs to come naturally. And that’s a good thing, because after all these years, Watch What Happens: Live is the most real iteration of my personality. If it feels like I’m trying too hard, it won’t work.”

Cohen also told Bal that most of his great projects were the result of great teamwork. He recommends being open to everyone’s ideas to create the best work environment.

This post was inspired by a recent dumpster delivery to a Target in South Carolina.

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Delta Airlines Improves TSA Checkpoints in Atlanta

Atlanta Security LineAirport security can be very frustrating. You stand in an endless line, wait to unload your shoes and belongings into security bins, and inevitably get stuck right behind the slowest traveler of all time. Delta Airlines decided to improve this in its hometown of Atlanta, which is also good news for Roll-Off Dumpster Direct! After a recent delivery made to Delta’s terminal at the airport (presumably for this construction), we’re especially pleased.

Delta paid for and installed what they’re referring to as “innovation lanes,” a plan that took two months and $1 million to complete.

One aspect that frequent flyers are sure to love are the five different “divestment points.” Rather than waiting in a single file line behind slow-movers, travelers can simply drop off their belongings at one of the five slots. This will get travelers through much quicker — perhaps five times as fast. 

No More Agents Carting Bins

Instead of requiring a TSA agent to push a cart full of empty bins back to the front of the line, an automated conveyor belt brings them right back around.

Additionally, this automated bin system can reroute bins that set off security alarms to a separate area for inspection. These advancements may seem small, but they actually free up a lot of the TSA agents’ time. That time can then be directed at screening for potential threats instead of wheeling around security bins.

Not only will these improvements make the process much faster, it will also allow the TSA to be more diligent in safety screening. You can find a video of these innovation lanes here

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Procter & Gamble Starts Up With 3D Printing

3D Printer3D printing is the new frontier as far as the medical, health, personal care, and beauty industries are concerned. Specifically, 3D bioprinting allows companies to recreate human skin and potentially even human organs. Procter & Gamble is joining in this innovation by launching a new grant competition. P&G is inviting all of the research institutions in Singapore to explore ideas for ways they can beneficially use bioprinting.

“There’s a lot of interest from both consumer goods companies and big pharma in bioprinting. P&G’s strategy to launch a grant competition is probably a very cost effective way of trying to get a snapshot of all the possibilities,” stated Brian Derby, professor of materials science at the University of Manchester.

How Does Bioprinting Work?

Bioprinting begins by taking cultured human cells and creating a bio-ink. This ink is placed into cartridges which are fitted into a device used for printing. This bioprinter then spurts out the cells in a pattern along with a hydrogel that acts as a scaffolding. The cells begin to grow and eventually the hydrogel is removed. 

Although bioprinting is still in its early stages, companies like L’Oreal are already working on bioprinting skin to steer away from animal testing. Pharmaceutical companies are hoping that the ability to bioprint tissue will speed up the process of drug development and testing. In the distant future, it could even help with organ donation issues.

A P&G location was the recipient of one of our recent dumpster deliveries. These deliveries give us the opportunity to interact with a variety of industries, and inspire these posts!

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TGI Friday’s Gets a Makeover

TGI Friday'sOver the past month, we’ve delivered dumpsters to several TGI Friday’s locations. Typically, these rentals are an indication of renovations or major construction. When we saw this story in the news, it all started to make sense.

Apparently, the restaurant change is looking for a change of decor to better attract millennials. The new look will eliminate the famous “flair” sported by the serving staff, and take down the memorabilia and knick knacks that once adorned the walls. The new decor will be much lighter than the dark wooden tables and red and white stripes that we’ve grown accustomed to. Even their new website design matches the new blond wood.

Dropping the T.G.I.


Fridays’ New Look

Perhaps the most shocking of the changes — the restaurant will now just be known as “Fridays.” You may be wondering where we’re getting all of this information from. Well, a prototype “Fridays” was opened in Corpus Christi, TX. This chic, new spot has also incorporated other business changes such as a to-go sandwich counter, coffee stations, open mic nights, and a “Hangover Brunch.”

Transformation of other locations depends on the success of the prototype, but all sources seem to think the likelihood is high. Fridays will now be a day-time competitor for businesses like Starbucks, where customers can have breakfast, lunch, work-from-home, or a grab a bite while on the run. At night, the restaurant will remain a dinner staple but also offer the accommodations of your local pub. The play is for the “millennial-minded,” though the brand doesn’t want to cut that off at a single age.

What do you think of the change?


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