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Post-Holiday Clean Up

christmas messWhen the Christmas music starts to fade, the wrapping paper has all been ripped off those special, once-secret gifts, and all that remains of Santa’s cookies are a few crumbs too small for even a mouse . . . it’s time for the post-holiday clean-up. Many of us love to bask in the Christmas mess, because it reminds us of joy, of laughter, and of family . . . but as that feeling subsides, that once joyful mess can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to bring some organization and a ‘sense of clean’ back to your home after the holidays.

The Bigger the Mess

It isn’t just the wrapping paper that makes a mess after Christmas. Family visitors and guests, extra cooking and baking, holiday cards, decorations, and more can all contribute to a big, festive disaster. ‘Sizing up’ your mess can help you decide how to begin the task. Determining your needs for the post-holiday clean-up before you begin the job can help you shave off a lot of time. 

Organization is Key

Of course, not everything is trash. Many decorations are heartfelt items that have been in the family for years, some items may need to be donated to make room for the new, and other holiday things may just need to be packed up for use next season (such as unused wrapping paper, gift tags, and bags, or bows). Separating these items into piles based on the category will help the clean-up process go quickly and will keep your storage room organized and ready to pull back out in a year’s time.

Recycle and Donate

Many cities have excellent recycling and donation resources. The best tip here is to look at your city’s government page. There are also many programs that allow you to donate or recycle your Christmas tree after the holidays for use in animal shelters or zoo habitats. In addition, recycling things like cans will put a little extra change in your pocket – or your child’s pocket – and is a great little job for kids to feel like they are making a difference!

Use a Trusted Dumpster Rental Company

If you did happen to have a large celebration and need a dumpster to clean up the post-Christmas mess, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has the solutions for you. Whether you just need a little extra garbage space with a 10-yard dumpster, or you have decided to turn the house upside down to declutter for the new year and need a 40-yard dumpster, you can trust that our team can help you get the job done! We also offer the longest rental period in the industry. Start the year off with a clean slate in every regard, or get a jump start on some spring cleaning! Get a quote today!

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Now Serves Rhode Island and Ohio

Our team is excited to announce that we are now providing dumpster rentals to the amazing states of Rhode Island – including the cities of Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket – and Ohio – serving the cities and areas around Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, and Cleveland

As we begin expanding west into the heartland of America, we are thrilled to be able to offer Rhode Islanders and Ohioans the same great service and professionalism that many customers enjoy up and down the East Coast, as far north as Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut and as far south as Florida!

Things We Love About Rhode Island

There is a lot to love about the Ocean State packed in a small package! With more than 400 miles of coastline, our crews are already enjoying the beautiful scenery! We cannot wait to be a part of a rich future for Rhode Island – as incredible as its Colonial Past.

Why We Love Ohio

What’s not to love about the Buckeye State? With connections to the moon and sky (hello, Neil Armstrong and the Wright Brothers), we hope to provide dumpster rental services as out of this world as they are!

Need to Rent a Dumpster in Rhode Island or Ohio?

Roll-Off Dumpster Direct provides dumpsters for both commercial and residential projects. There are many reasons why people need dumpsters, from spring cleaning to move-outs, and complete renovations! It is important to trust your dumpster rental company, and that is why people love us!

We offer one of the longest rental periods in the industry and have a large inventory of 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard units. We have competitive rates and flexible rental schedules, so get started in Rhode Island or Ohio today!

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Supports Connecticut Organizations

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner and there is no better time to highlight some of the incredible organizations that Roll-Off Dumpster Direct supports in Connecticut. The birthplace of many American authors, inventors, and historians – Connecticut is also home to many non-profits that are dedicated to serving their community. It is our privilege to support them. In 2022, we supported the following organizations:

wakeman boys and girls club

Wakeman Boys & Girls Club has five clubhouses located around Fairfield and Bridgeport, CT. Their mission is to guide and inspire young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens

ct folk

CT Folk is committed to being a guide to the Folk, Roots, and Americana music community and to supporting and advocating for environmental and social justice initiatives in Connecticut and the global community.

Bridgeport DSSD

Bridgeport Downtown Special Services District (DSSD) bolsters the sense of culture and community in the heart of Downtown Bridgeport through open space beautification, a friendly team of Ambassadors who keep the district clean and safe, and a diverse array of activities, including the Color It In program and the Downtown Farmers Market.

new haven road race

New Haven Road Race has served as the 20K National Championship since 1991. The races consist of a Half Marathon, Relay, 5K, Town Fair Tire Kids Fun Run, and the signature 20K. 2022 marks the 31st year a national championship event has been held in New Haven, making the race the longest-running USATF Championship race ever.

Our team is passionate about sponsoring local organizations in all areas we service all over the country! In 2021 and 2022, we supported many organizations nationwide, including many in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Florida. If you’re searching for a roll-off dumpster for your home or commercial business, please contact us for information.

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Assists with Church Cleanout

church rddOne of our favorite aspects of our industry is being able to serve a variety of businesses and customers from a wide range of categories. From people needing residential dumpsters for their home cleanout projects to school districts cleaning out at the end of the school year, no one day is the same for us! Because we offer the longest rental period in the industry, people trust us to handle their unique needs no matter how big or small the job. At the end of the summer, we had the pleasure of assisting many churches with their cleanouts. 

Churches We Served This Summer

Churches have many reasons for needing a roll-off dumpster. Many churches also serve as schools, which means that over time they accumulate many out-of-date textbooks, expired school supplies, and old files. In addition, with the daily use of church schools and ministry, church chairs, tables, and other furniture can become worn out and need to be replaced. For the churches we served over the summer, many of them needed roll-off dumpsters for those reasons and because they were performing renovations to help make their facilities safer and more up-to-date for their congregations. Here are a few churches that we served:

  • St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Emigsville
  • Christian Life Church in Chambersburg
  • First Baptist Church of Woodbridge
  • Elevation Church in Winston-Salem
  • First Christian Church in Forest Park

Here for Your Dumpster Needs

If you are a church in need of a roll-off dumpster, please contact us. We offer long rental periods and a variety of dumpster sizes to fit your needs. In addition, we make scheduling online easy, so get a quote today.

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Supports New Jersey Organizations

Roll-Off Dumpster Direct delivers nationwide but loves to give back to local organizations. New Jersey is home to many incredible non-profits and organizations that serve people of all ages, and our team is so proud to support them! In 2022, we supported the following organizations:

riverview farmers market

Riverview Farmers Market is operated by Farms in the Heights, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to provide access to local food systems, grow our local economy, and promote environmental stewardship, for the benefit of all Jersey City Heights community members.

pro arts

Pro Arts Jersey City is a professional membership community dedicated to advancing and promoting visual artists and their work. Largely volunteer-run, Pro Arts is comprised of roughly 150 emerging and professional artists living and working throughout New Jersey and New York who are actively engaged in pursuing the visual arts as a career.

jersey city arts council

Jersey City Arts Council is an inclusive and diverse, community-focused 501(c)(3) organization. We support and advocate for arts organizations and individual artists, across all artistic disciplines, as well as encourage new and innovative additions to the artistic landscape and the cultural growth of our city.


Guttenberg Arts provides practicing artists with the space and time to develop their work and expand their practice through community engagement and promotion to curators, collectors, and print and digital media.

out in jersey

Out In Jersey is the LGBTQ New Jersey news magazine that features events and entertainment on its website and in bimonthly print magazines.

Our team is passionate about sponsoring local organizations in all areas we service all over the country! If you’re searching for a roll-off dumpster for your home or commercial business, please contact us for information.

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Assists with Storage Purge

storage unitIt’s the latest and greatest in trends – becoming a minimalist. As more and more people start sorting through and getting rid of their unneeded and outdated items, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is proud to partner with them!

The Ultimate Refresh

There are many studies about the incredible effects of minimizing your personal items and keeping your spaces tidy. As people, our mental health is greatly affected by clutter, messes, and disorganization – and not in a good way. In fact, one of the best ways to improve your mood, boost your mental health, and jump-start a lifestyle refresh is by cleaning out your house, closets, and/or storage units. 

Individualized Service to Help the Process

Over the last few months, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has assisted many individuals and families as they strive for a healthier and more minimal lifestyle by cleaning out and organizing their storage units. Because our team offers many different sizes of dumpsters and has one of the longest rental periods in the industry, families are able to cater their orders to their exact needs. There may even be instances when you rent a certain size of dumpster thinking you will only be getting rid of a small amount of clutter and come to realize that you need a bigger one after experiencing how refreshing it is to purge!

Quick Tips

As you’re cleaning out your storage units, it is important to remember a few things.

  1. Donate. While you are taking advantage of the heat this summer by tackling these minimalist projects, don’t forget to look up donation centers near you. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct allows you to swap out dumpster sizes whenever you need to, so if you find that you can donate a lot of items instead of throwing them out, we can assist you.
  2. Be Flexible. Going through old items can bring up a lot of emotions and memories. It is important to take the time to really decide if things are trash, donatable, or a keepsake. Remember, you can also extend your rental if you need more time to sort through old belongings. 
  3. Know What You’re Throwing Out. Certain items cannot be disposed of in a dumpster – items like medications, old batteries, or electronics need to be recycled or disposed of properly. We have the resources for you to know where to take these items.

No matter what you need, get a quote from Roll-Off Dumpster Direct today and improve your mental health by clearing out this summer. 

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Helps Schools Clean Out for Summer

clean classroomWhile teachers and students alike are celebrating the end of another school year, the team at Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is busy helping local school districts clean out the old and get ready for the new!

Summer Cleanout is the New Spring Cleaning

Summer is a great time to get a dumpster rental for schools. When the students have gone, it is time to clean out those old notebooks, damaged desks or chairs, buckets of short pencils and pencil shavings, sticky lockers, worn carpet . . . the list can go on and on! Because schools are such high-traffic facilities, the amount of garbage, worn-out furniture and carpet, and broken objects can be extensive. That is why our team was proud to offer our services for: 

  • Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Conservatory School Palm Beach
  • James A. Long Elementary
  • Kelly Smith Elementary
  • Moseley Elementary School

Prepare for a New School Year with Roll-Off Dumpster Direct

If your school or college is in need of a massive clean-out and requires a dumpster rental, please contact our team for a quote. We offer flexible and easy online scheduling. Summer is an excellent time to get things cleaned out and ready for a new school year. School’s out for summer – we don’t need no excess garbage! 

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Services Hammond Park During Renovation

park benchSummer is on the horizon and the beautiful season means spending more time with your children at the park. The incredible community of Sandy Springs, Georgia is busy renovating Hammond Park –  a large community park of over 13 square miles in the heart of town. Currently, Hammond Park is home to several trails, recreational activities (including playground and open fields) as well as a gymnasium with pool. 


Serving the Needs of a Community

The city of Sandy Springs is expected to grow by 9% over the next few years, which means the demand for park use, trails, and indoor fitness and swimming classes/lessons are going to increase. The city called upon Roll-Off Dumpster to help with many of the incredible renovation plans. The overall improvements include:

• Improve trail connection between upper and lower parking lots
• Improve structures cosmetically (paint, etc.)
• Complete deferred maintenance issues
• Improve ADA access throughout the park, including restrooms
• Repair damaged fencing throughout the park
• Provide wayfinding and new entrance monument signage
• Repair retaining walls around multipurpose fields
• Improve and repair restrooms at sports courts
• Improve playgrounds (replace equipment, resurface, etc.) and make all
playgrounds ADA compliant
• Enhance park landscaping, including removing invasive species
• Continue fencing along the ridge behind the pavilion and events facility to
prevent children from going downhill into traffic
• Improve sidewalk/trail surfaces throughout the park

Up for the Task

Our team at Roll-Off Dumpster is excited to be a part of such an amazing undertaking! The improvements that will be seen throughout Hammond Park and Sandy Springs will be evident for generations. You can follow along with the park development on the City of Sandy Springs Facebook page

If you have a big project that involves an overhaul of current structures, trails, or park systems – please contact our team today! We are up for the task.

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Roll-Off Dumpster Delivers to the VA Museum of Natural History

Living on the east coast, we are surrounded by American history – but the VA Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, VA does an exquisite job of showcasing another, more Jurassic side of our not-so-recent past. Our team at Roll-Off Dumpster had the pleasure of delivering dumpsters to the museum recently, and it turned out to be an educational trip as well!

The museum is constantly bringing in new exhibits for individuals, businesses, families, and kids of all ages to enjoy. It was no surprise that they would need our services as they prepare for new booths, fundraising events, and research opportunities. The best thing about the VA Museum of Natural History is unlike the natural past . . . it is constantly changing!

dinosaur at va museum of natural historyPre-Historic Dumpster Deliveries

The museum continues to expand, and we are excited to be a part of it all as they create more permanent and traveling exhibits, and receive exhibits on loan. As we attempt to make our mark on history by providing superior customer service, easy online scheduling, and the longest dumpster rental period in the industry – we can’t help but be thankful that dumpster deliveries don’t come with a live T-Rex. Although, a meteor would definitely be a faster way to take care of the trash. 

Visit the VA Museum of Natural History today and see all the new exhibits and be sure to contact our team for your next dumpster rental!

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Delivers to the Shakespeare Theatre Company

shakespeare playThe show must go on . . . but not without the help of Roll-Off Dumpster Direct! This past month, our team delivered to the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. Since March of 2020, people around the country have missed out on live performances. Now that things are getting back to ‘normal’, the actors/actresses, volunteers, and patrons of STC are in full swing and the community could not be happier about it. We were so fortunate to be called to help them clear out some old and welcome in a new era of post-pandemic performances. 

Plays and More!

The Shakespeare Theatre Company is not just a performance venue, however. The STC offers a variety of community activities for youth and adults. You can take part in a class, participate in an online ‘Shakespeare Live’ event or ‘Mock Trial’ involving some of the nation’s best judges, or attend a camp! There is no limit to the fun you can have here. The next performance is, “The Merchant of Venice” and debuts on March 22nd, 2022! Be sure to get your tickets.

shakespeare theatre company logo

As the company – and the company – grows at the Shakespeare Theatre Company, we look forward to being a part of it, hauling away the old to make way for the new and exciting! If you are a local theater, school, or business and need a dumpster as you begin the post-pandemic purge, please contact us. We provide delivery all over the east coast and have the longest rental period in the industry!

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