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9 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Close up of a Christmas tree farm in Oregon.When Christmas has come and gone, and those who opt for natural trees are then faced with a dilemma, how do we get rid of it? What is the best way to get rid of it?

Of course, you could leave it on the curb, but then your tree will end up in a landfill.

Keep reading to see what your other options are for giving your tree new life after the holiday season. 

What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

  1. Use it for (Outdoor) Firewood: If you have a wood-burning stove in your house, try to refrain from using your tree as firewood inside. That’s because the tree has not been treated to eliminate creosote, which is a  chemical that builds up in trees and burns too hot for indoor fires. However, it’s safe to use your old tree for kindling in your outdoor fire pit! If you cover the tree so it stays dry throughout the winter, you can be roasting s’mores over it come summer.
  2. Mulch Your Garden: You don’t need special or extra equipment! Just break the tree into small bits with whatever tools you have on hand. Don’t worry about the needles—if they end up in the soil they’ll help your plants retain moisture. 
  3. Create a Winter Coat for Your Plants: Pine bows make great insulators to help your plants survive the winter. Just lay them over top!
  4. Recycle It: Check the details in your city. Some offer curbside recycling, but many don’t. In that case, most cities offer a location where you can drop off your tree and have it recycled when the time comes.
  5. Create a Bird Sanctuary: Place the tree outside still in its stand, and hang filled bird feeders from the boughs, or drape the tree with pinecones coated in peanut butter. This will attract any nearby birds!
  6. Spruce Up Your Fish Tank: It may sound weird because you’ve never heard of it before, but think about it. Pine branches fall into bodies of water all the time! Clean small branches thoroughly, and place them in the tank to create a safe haven for your pet to relax and hide.
  7. Edge Your Walkway: Chop the tree trunk into 2-inch disks to create rustic, DIY edging for your flower beds or walkway.
  8. Start a Compost Pile: You can compost your tree! In fact, it makes a great first item for a new compost pile. Also, for more composting info, head over to our composting guide
  9. Return to The Seller. If you’re not sure what to do with your Christmas tree, contact the place you bought it from. Many large sellers oftentimes accept them back after use.

Rent A Dumpster For Easy Clean Out

If you are getting rid of a Christmas tree alongside other decorations and belongings, your best bet is to rent a dumpster for easy cleanout. We drop off the dumpster at any location of choice, and when the dumpster is full or ready for removal we send a truck to remove the waste, making it a hassle-free job for you and your family. For more information, contact us today!

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4 Ways A Dumpster Can Help With A Move

A pile of packed boxesThe real estate market has been extremely popular lately and we all know that moving is a stressful process. Between packing, staging, paperwork, and junk removal, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Renting a dumpster can help eliminate time, stress, and even money!

Consider Renting a Dumpster For Your Move

  1. Dumpsters help the decluttering process.  When living in a place for a few years it’s super easy for clutter and junk to accumulate. One of the first things to do when you start prepping for a move is to declutter, which can feel really overwhelming when you have nowhere to put the clutter you want to throw away. Having a dumpster will give you a convenient spot to throw everything away, and you won’t have to limit the amount of clutter that you get to throw away.
  2. Having a dumpster will eliminate any waste outside. If you’re trying to declutter and stage your home at the same time, it might be hard to stage the perfect home with a plethora of trash bags outside waiting for trash day. This can turn potential buyers off from your house and make the selling process more difficult. Having a dumpster will give you the convenience to throw away any large amounts of clutter, and be taken away before you have any showings.
  3. A dumpster can help with any home improvements. If there are parts of your home that might need a spruce up before selling, having a dumpster handy can help with the cleanup process. If you’re adding new kitchen cabinets or a new toilet to the bathroom, the dumpster will be there for you to discard this trash.
  4. Dumpsters can save you money and time. You can discard all trash without having to take it to the local dump and paying for it to be discarded.

Consider Roll-Off Dumpster Direct

We know how stressful moving can be, and we want to help with the process! We can drop off the dumpster size of your choosing at your location of choice, and you can call us when it’s ready to be taken away. Fill out our contact form online today for more information. 

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How To Maximize Space In A Small Home

Small houseLiving in a small apartment or house can make you feel limited and cramped. But a small space can still give you everything you want out of a large house. We put together a list of tips and tricks to help organize and design your small space to allow you to feel like you’re living large. 

9 Tips To Maximize Your Space

  1. Start with your furniture. Buy exposed leg furniture, which adds more visual space to your living area. Stay away from bulky furniture as this will only take up unnecessary space. When buying furniture, try to find pieces that can be multifunctional as well.
  2. Mounting your TV can be a great way to gain more space. Mount your TV above your fireplace, or a wall: this will give you a modern, less cluttered look.
  3. Decorate with large pieces. Oversized pieces of art can make your wall space appear larger than it really is. This can also be done with floor to ceiling bookshelves and windows.
  4. Strategic storage spaces can help maximize your space. Go with floating shelves and built-in bookcases for lots of storage options that don’t take up much space.
  5. Keep it clean. A space with a lot of clutter will make you feel more crowded and cramped. Be sure to eliminate any junk and clean as you go.
  6. Hang hooks and strips. This can help save counter space by hanging your knives, mugs, and utensils. This can help organize hats, coats, and other apparel that often take up space.
  7. Install pocket doors. Pocket doors help save space for small rooms that have doors that swing open.
  8. Mirrors are great for small spaces. Mirrors reflect light, making a room feel larger and welcoming.
  9. Use color when painting and decorating. Pastel and light shades can really open up a room.

Rent a Dumpster to Help With Cleanup

If you’re looking to maximize your small space, a roll-off dumpster can help with this project! If you’re eliminating clutter or adding in new shelving and bookcases, a roll-off dumper can help with easy cleanup. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct can make this process quick by dropping off the dumpster at your location of choice, and when the dumpster is ready for removal, we send a truck to come and take it away. 

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Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Sponsors Happy Tails

Happy Tails logoWe are excited to announce our collaboration with Happy Tails Pet Therapy! Happy Tails is a metro Atlanta organization that makes pet-assisted therapy visits with those in need including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more. We are sponsoring their annual  Run Your Happy Tails Off 5K and 1 -Mile Race event that benefits the non-profit. 

This year, the 7th annual Run Your Happy Tails Off race will look a bit different. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the event will be held virtually. Participants are welcome to run/walk on October 3rd from wherever!

If you’re interested in registering for this event click here for more information!

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5 Reasons You Need a Roll-Off Dumpster for Your Business

Dumpster outside businessIt’s not necessary for every business to have a permanent dumpster, but there are times when a business does have additional waste and a rental dumpster would come in handy. Whether you run a restaurant, a warehouse, or an office, roll-off dumpsters work great for everyday use, commercial projects, clean-ups, or clear outs. 

How a Dumpster Can Optimize Your Business Space

A temporary dumpster is great even when you don’t have constant volume. With more people working remotely there is less of a need for a permanent dumpster. Offices can benefit from temporary dumpsters for cleanouts.

Having a temporary dumpster for your business is not only convenient but it can optimize your business space in multiple ways: 

  1. A dumpster accommodates larger items and larger amounts of waste. You can always try to use a standard trash can for the waste your business generates, but if you find yourself running out of space from time to time a roll-off dumpster is a great option for you.
  2. Having a dumpster helps keep your workspace tidy. If you have waste piling in and around your building after your last clean out it will send the wrong message to your employees and others. Not to mention the smell!
  3. Using a dumpster is legal. If you illegally discard your trash a business can get into serious trouble, and many businesses aren’t even aware that they’re illegally throwing away their trash. When renting a dumpster, the rental company is responsible for discarding the trash, giving you one less thing to worry about!
  4. Using a dumpster is a safe option for your business. Despite the type of business you own, at some point, you will probably accumulate a large amount of trash. If this trash isn’t handled properly it can turn into a safety hazard. Leaving trash on the curb or spilling out of the can will subject your employees and others to tripping and falling over your trash. Using a dumpster can eliminate this risk!
  5. Using a roll-off dumpster can be a time saver. Bagging your waste and driving it to the local dump is just an extra to-do on your list when you could be focusing on your business! 

We’re A Call Away

If you’re looking for a temporary roll-off dumpster for your business, we offer 21 day rentals! Contact us for more information.  We drop off the dumpster at a location of your choice, and when the dumpster is full or ready for removal we send a truck to remove the waste, making it a hassle free job for our customers.

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4 Reasons You Need A Dumpster For Your Yard Waste

Dumpster filled with yard wasteYard waste can add up quickly, even when you’re just mowing the lawn or keeping up with the general maintenance. So you can imagine the amount of yard waste a bigger landscaping project might generate.

How A Dumpster Helps With Outdoor Projects

Renting a dumpster for your outdoor project is an easy and cheap way to clean up any landscaping mess! If you need some more convincing, we created a list on why it’s the best option:

  1. Depending on your municipal trash pick up, yard waste is only picked up on certain days. Along with that, there may be guidelines you have to follow when wrapping up the waste and how much can be put out. Having a dumpster won’t limit your landscaping project.
  2. Renting a dumpster for your yard waste is time and money saving. You are able to discard of every branch, leaf, and any other debris without driving it to the local dump and paying for it to be discarded. 
  3. A dumpster will eliminate any yard waste from piling up on your lawn. Extra yard waste can become a safety hazard, especially in bad weather. If there is a storm outside, any loose yard waste can blow into the street and buildings.
  4. Having a dumpster is convenient. The dumpster is dropped off at the location of choice, and once you’re ready, it’s picked up! 

When in Doubt, Reach Out

If you have a large outdoor project planned, be sure to rent your dumpster to make it seamless. Contact us today and we can help you decide what size dumpster is best for you and your project!

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4 Ways Having a Rental Dumpster Helps With Home Renovation

Green dumpster with debrisMany people have been spending more time inside these days. To occupy their time, some have started DIY home renovations or finally found the time to finish up some pre-quarantine projects. Home renovations can be time consuming and stressful! Half the battle with home renovations is the cleaning process.

Renting a dumpster is a great way to make your home renovation project a breeze.

How Dumpsters Help With Home Renovation

  1. Get Rid of It All: Some items you’re looking to throw away might not be taken by your local trash hauler. Having a dumpster will allow you to throw out whatever you want, without worrying if your local trash service will take it or leave it on the curb.
  2. Contain The Trash Pile: When renovating a home you’ll notice the trash pile will be growing quickly. Having a rental dumpster will allow you to immediately get rid of your home renovation trash. It’s known that you can’t put your trash on the curb until the night before trash collection day. Without a dumpster your home or yard will start to look like a junkyard.
  3. Keep It Safe: Renting a dumpster is one of the safest ways to renovate your home. When renovating a home you will be pulling nails, staples, and maybe glass from places. Even when these items are thrown away you still run the risk of getting hurt. Sharp objects can poke through the trash bag, leaving room for injury next time you lift the bag! Having a rental dumpster gives you the option to immediately dispose of the hazardous debris.
  4. Save Your Money: Renting a dumpster for home renovation is one of the cheapest methods to debris clean-up. The labor and expense to transport the amount of waste manually to a landfill would quickly add up. This makes dumpsters the cheapest and smartest option for the debris your home renovation generates.

We’ll Take Care of The Rest

Renting a dumpster for your home renovations is the easiest, safest, and cheapest option for clean-up! If you’re having trouble getting started on your home renovation or seasonal cleaning, be sure to check out our blog about cleaning in quarantine. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct makes this process quick by dropping off the dumpster at your location of choice, and once the dumpster is ready for removal, we send a truck to take it away!

Learn more about residential dumpster rental.

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Best Websites & Apps for Selling Your Old Stuff

How To Thrift in Quarantine

iPad shop now appNow that we have been spending more time at home, some people have been cleaning out old items and clothing. With that being said, everybody seems to love thrifting now-a-days. With the beauty of 21st century technology, we can sell and thrift our clothes and household items from the luxury of our homes. If you’ve been cleaning out your closet, attics, or garage, we’ve created a list so you can choose which app is best for you to sell your old items on!

Which Selling App is Best For You?

Before you decide which app to use you should consider:

  1. What type of items are you selling?
  2. What are the costs to you?
  3. What is the shipping process?

Our chart below will help you evaluate your options.

App Name How it Works Cost to Sell Types of Items Sold Shipping
thredUP Similar to a consignment shop From accepted items, sellers make 5% – 80% of what an item sells for based on its listing price Clothing from all types of brands Sellers mail items to thredUP. Sellers receive an email with details of payout.
Poshmark Sell to other users Fees range between $2.95 and 20% depending on total sale Name-brand clothing & accessories Sellers are emailed shipping label & ship to the buyer.
Mercari Sell to other users 10% of the cost of items sold Clothing, technology, houseware, etc. Sellers can choose between printing a label or receiving a box with a label for them to ship their product in after a purchase is made.
OfferUp Sell to other users (buyers have the option to counter-offer) Fee is either a minimum of $1.99, or 12.9% of the sale price. Home decor, baby gear, furniture, camping equipment, kitchenware, etc. Sellers get a pre-paid shipping label that they attach to their packaged item.
LetGo Sell to other users  Free to list & no fee paid to LetGo. Cars, technology, home and garden items, etc. Designed for local sellers, so shipping isn’t often necessary. If shipping is needed, it’s the responsibility of the seller

If the apps mentioned do not seem to meet what you are looking for there are more commonly used websites, like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Etsy, Nextdoor, and eBay. These sites are classic options to help you get rid of stuff locally or worldwide!

We’ll Take Care of Your Trash

After your spring cleaning, if there are items or clothing you can’t redeem as “thriftable,” we’re here to help. We can drop off a dumpster at your location of choice and pick it up when it’s ready for removal. Learn more about residential dumpster rental.

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How to Choose the Right Dumpster Size

When renting a dumpster for your residential or commercial project, choosing the right Dumpster Sizesdumpster size is challenging. It’s probably the most difficult part of the whole process. But don’t panic. We’re here to help! Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning While in Quarantine

Gloves, cleaning brush, sponge and cleaning supplies on a counterIt’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning! But this year is a little different than other years – you’re stuck in the house due to COVID-19. What does this mean for your spring cleaning? We’ve created a list on how this can help you with your spring cleaning!

4 Tips for This Year’s Spring Cleaning

We encourage you to participate in spring cleaning for multiple reasons, but it is especially important this year because your living space is probably where you’re spending most of your time right now. According to Medium, having a clean work space can decrease stress, increase focus and efficiency, and has multiple health benefits.

Below we outline some of our favorite tips to get you started:

  1. Make your own disinfectants. Let’s discuss the nationwide shortage of disinfectants. If you’re affected by this you can start by making your own disinfectants. Combine one cup of water with one cup of rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces. For window washing, you can mix equal parts vinegar and dish soap. You will be surprised how well these DIY options work!
  2. Make a to-do list and conquer. Your to-do list should include all rooms in your house/apartment, including your yard, shed and garage. We do not recommend attempting to clean the house at once: try cleaning one room at a time.
  3. Think to clean the unthinkable. This is a great time to clean the parts of the house you’ve been putting off. This can include cleaning out closets, cupboards, appliances, and the pantry. Now is the perfect time to change filters, check the furnace, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.These are great tasks to get the kids involved in!
  4. Make a schedule. Once your house is sparkling, make a weekly schedule to keep the house clean. Here’s a great example found on USA Today:

Monday: Bathroom day.
Tuesday: Dusting day.
Wednesday: Vacuuming day.
Thursday: Floor washing day.
Friday: Catch up on anything from the previous days you didn’t get to.
Saturday: Sheets and towels day.
Sunday: Upkeep those basic starter tasks.

We’ll Take Care of Your Trash

Between going to the grocery store and walking around your neighborhood, you’re running around your house pulling out any gloves and masks you can find. Make sure you’re disposing of these items correctly!

If you’re looking for a dumpster for your spring cleaning – you’re in luck. We will drop off the dumpster at your location of choice and once your dumpster is full and ready for removal, we send a truck back to your location to take it away. The best part is you pick the time for dumpster arrival and pickup & you don’t need to have any close contact with the driver.

Contact us with questions you may have!

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