Think your Car is Trash? Think Again.

In our spring cleaning blog series we talked about disposing of auto parts, and we mentioned that a good car detailing could give your car a fresh new start.

We also mentioned that we aren’t exactly the auto experts, so that’s why we had our friends at Direct Paint & Collision write a guest post for us.

And here it is…

Think Your Car is Trash? Think Again.

In my many years in the auto body repair industry, I have seen it all. But time and time again, I am astonished at how a simple and affordable auto detail can make such a difference in a vehicle’s inside and outside appearance. 

On many occasions, a customer comes to me thinking that their vehicle is on its way out, and sometimes these cars do look pretty bad. However, most people don’t realize that a little detailing can revive an aging car.

A car detailing usually involves removing stains from the seats and carpet, touching up scratches and dings in the paint, repairing rips and tears in the upholstery and removing sand and dirt that may be discoloring a vehicle.


If a vehicle looks pretty beat up from an accident, many auto body shops offer collision center services that can do some seriously great work.

So before you think it’s time to trash a car, consider spending a little extra money to save you from making a huge investment.

About the Author

Direct Paint & Collision is a Havertown auto body shop that has serviced Delaware County, PA since 1980.