Dangers of Dumpster Fires

Last week, during our usual dumpster pick-up service, we were dismayed to find one of our dumpsters in Glen Mills, PA had been subject to dumpster fire. Such fires may seem to be a unique problem for our industry, but the truth is that they are most dangerous to the
communities and areas in which they occur. As a result, it is always essential to follow a few (incredibly) easy rules and avoid them in your town or neighborhood. First, always make sure cigarettes are FULLY put out before tossing them in a dumpster. If at all possible, toss cigarettes in their own recepticles outside of stores or other buildings. If you must dispose of any ashes or other remnants from a fire-pit, barbecue, etc, make sure to store them in a safe trash can until they too are fully extinguished (a good rule of thumb is 2 or 3 days) before placing them in a dumpster.

Unfortunately, in addition to the more accidental causes discussed above, many dumpster fires also start as a result of arson (as we suspect for the dumpster in Glen Mills). In these cases, there is little to say. Starting a dumpster fire is a terrible and dangerous idea for those involved and anyone else in the surrounding community. The contents of a dumpster are never fully known (though some customers give us a general idea before renting) and could quite easily be hazardous or even explosive. Furthermore, dumpster fires can even spread if the dumpster is not handled or removed properly. Please be careful and take the necessary steps to avoid these dangerous occurrences. For safe, professional and affordable dumpster rental service, please contact Roll-Off Dumpster Direct.