Best Websites & Apps for Selling Your Old Stuff

How To Thrift in Quarantine

iPad shop now appNow that we have been spending more time at home, some people have been cleaning out old items and clothing. With that being said, everybody seems to love thrifting now-a-days. With the beauty of 21st century technology, we can sell and thrift our clothes and household items from the luxury of our homes. If you’ve been cleaning out your closet, attics, or garage, we’ve created a list so you can choose which app is best for you to sell your old items on!

Which Selling App is Best For You?

Before you decide which app to use you should consider:

  1. What type of items are you selling?
  2. What are the costs to you?
  3. What is the shipping process?

Our chart below will help you evaluate your options.

App NameHow it WorksCost to SellTypes of Items SoldShipping
thredUPSimilar to a consignment shopFrom accepted items, sellers make 5% – 80% of what an item sells for based on its listing priceClothing from all types of brandsSellers mail items to thredUP. Sellers receive an email with details of payout.
PoshmarkSell to other usersFees range between $2.95 and 20% depending on total saleName-brand clothing & accessoriesSellers are emailed shipping label & ship to the buyer.
MercariSell to other users10% of the cost of items soldClothing, technology, houseware, etc.Sellers can choose between printing a label or receiving a box with a label for them to ship their product in after a purchase is made.
OfferUpSell to other users (buyers have the option to counter-offer)Fee is either a minimum of $1.99, or 12.9% of the sale price.Home decor, baby gear, furniture, camping equipment, kitchenware, etc.Sellers get a pre-paid shipping label that they attach to their packaged item.
LetGoSell to other users Free to list & no fee paid to LetGo.Cars, technology, home and garden items, etc.Designed for local sellers, so shipping isn’t often necessary. If shipping is needed, it’s the responsibility of the seller

If the apps mentioned do not seem to meet what you are looking for there are more commonly used websites, like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Etsy, Nextdoor, and eBay. These sites are classic options to help you get rid of stuff locally or worldwide!

We’ll Take Care of Your Trash

After your spring cleaning, if there are items or clothing you can’t redeem as “thriftable,” we’re here to help. We can drop off a dumpster at your location of choice and pick it up when it’s ready for removal. Learn more about residential dumpster rental.