Spring Cleaning While in Quarantine

Gloves, cleaning brush, sponge and cleaning supplies on a counterIt’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning! But this year is a little different than other years – you’re stuck in the house due to COVID-19. What does this mean for your spring cleaning? We’ve created a list on how this can help you with your spring cleaning!

4 Tips for This Year’s Spring Cleaning

We encourage you to participate in spring cleaning for multiple reasons, but it is especially important this year because your living space is probably where you’re spending most of your time right now. According to Medium, having a clean work space can decrease stress, increase focus and efficiency, and has multiple health benefits.

Below we outline some of our favorite tips to get you started:

  1. Make your own disinfectants. Let’s discuss the nationwide shortage of disinfectants. If you’re affected by this you can start by making your own disinfectants. Combine one cup of water with one cup of rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces. For window washing, you can mix equal parts vinegar and dish soap. You will be surprised how well these DIY options work!
  2. Make a to-do list and conquer. Your to-do list should include all rooms in your house/apartment, including your yard, shed and garage. We do not recommend attempting to clean the house at once: try cleaning one room at a time.
  3. Think to clean the unthinkable. This is a great time to clean the parts of the house you’ve been putting off. This can include cleaning out closets, cupboards, appliances, and the pantry. Now is the perfect time to change filters, check the furnace, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These are great tasks to get the kids involved in!
  4. Make a schedule. Once your house is sparkling, make a weekly schedule to keep the house clean. Here’s a great example found on USA Today:

Monday: Bathroom day.
Tuesday: Dusting day.
Wednesday: Vacuuming day.
Thursday: Floor washing day.
Friday: Catch up on anything from the previous days you didn’t get to.
Saturday: Sheets and towels day.
Sunday: Upkeep those basic starter tasks.

We’ll Take Care of Your Trash

Between going to the grocery store and walking around your neighborhood, you’re running around your house pulling out any gloves and masks you can find. Make sure you’re disposing of these items correctly!

If you’re looking for a dumpster for your spring cleaning – you’re in luck. We will drop off the dumpster at your location of choice and once your dumpster is full and ready for removal, we send a truck back to your location to take it away. The best part is you pick the time for dumpster arrival and pickup & you don’t need to have any close contact with the driver.

Contact us with questions you may have!