Dumpsters and Diamonds

Despite the April showers, we are encountering the beautiful weather of Spring. This is a time for new beginnings — and also a time for marriage. Because our readers will likely be attending a wedding in the upcoming months, we decided to take a stab at a wedding-themed blog post. Too, a delivery to Giannini Jewelers in Ardmore gave us a bit of inspiration.

We did a little looking and rounded up the top engagement ring trends of the year. And if you’re thinking about proposing this Spring or Summer, pay attention.

1. The Halo Style

Here, micropave diamonds surround the center stone. It looks a bit vintage, and also makes the center diamond look bigger and shinier. A win, win!

2. Rose Gold

Until recently, engagement rings have been purely platinum or white gold. Perhaps again inspired by a vintage charm, you’ll now see brides-to-be sporting rose gold rings.

3. Sapphires

After the Royal Wedding, rings of blue have become very popular. For a bride who sees herself as different and elegant, this might be the right choice. Of course, you’ll have to treat her like a queen forever.

These are just a few of the trends we were able to spot with our untrained eyes. For a professional opinion, check out The Knot.