Virginia DOT

In honor of our recent dumpster rental delivery to one of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) centers, we decided to write a brief post about what they do.

There is definitely some negative stigma around the department of transportation in every state, as most people associate them with long lines at the DMV for driver’s license photos. In Virginia, however, these two organizations are completely separate.

VDOT is not responsible for vehicle licensing, but rather for maintaining the third largest highway system of any state behind Texas and North Carolina.  They employ approximately 7,500 people full-time and are also responsible for building, maintaining and operating the state’s roads, bridges and tunnels.

The next time you find yourself driving through the Commonwealth, remember all of the people who work hard every day to keep the highways and bridges up and running.  For more information or to report a road problem, see VDOT’s website.