TGI Friday’s Gets a Makeover

Over the past month, we’ve delivered dumpsters to several TGI Friday’s locations. Typically, these rentals are an indication of renovations or major construction. When we saw this story in the news, it all started to make sense.

Apparently, the restaurant change is looking for a change of decor to better attract millennials. The new look will eliminate the famous “flair” sported by the serving staff, and take down the memorabilia and knick knacks that once adorned the walls. The new decor will be much lighter than the dark wooden tables and red and white stripes that we’ve grown accustomed to. Even their new website design matches the new blond wood.

Dropping the T.G.I.

Perhaps the most shocking of the changes — the restaurant will now just be known as “Fridays.” You may be wondering where we’re getting all of this information from. Well, a prototype “Fridays” was opened in Corpus Christi, TX. This chic, new spot has also incorporated other business changes such as a to-go sandwich counter, coffee stations, open mic nights, and a “Hangover Brunch.”

Transformation of other locations depends on the success of the prototype, but all sources seem to think the likelihood is high. Fridays will now be a day-time competitor for businesses like Starbucks, where customers can have breakfast, lunch, work-from-home, or a grab a bite while on the run. At night, the restaurant will remain a dinner staple but also offer the accommodations of your local pub. The play is for the “millennial-minded,” though the brand doesn’t want to cut that off at a single age.

What do you think of the change?