Supporting Our Veterans

The military is what keeps our country safe, both at home and abroad.  Many of us can’t imagine putting our lives on the line to protect the USA, but that is exactly what so many people do every day.  Unfortunately, many soldiers and other military personnel need significant medical attention long after their tours of duty.  Roll-Off Dumpster Direct recently made a delivery to the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

The DC VA Medical Center has a staff of over 1,700 medical professionals who are committed to caring for our vets.  Each year, the center treats over 50,000 veterans with over 500,000 outpatient visits.  In addition, the center supports a multi-million dollar research program with 300 active projects, including research in alcoholism, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and spinal cord regeneration.

Knowing that our veterans once were part of protecting what we hold most dear, we should make sure to support them when we can.  Roll-off was glad to be able to do its part to help out this institution.  

For more information, check out the DC VA Medical Center site.