Storage Wars: From Trash to Treasures

Roll-Off delivered dumpsters to the Guardian Storage facility in Pittsburgh, and we were feeling inspired by A&E’s Storage Wars. The American reality TV show premiered in 2010 and quickly earned a top spot on A&E. Since the show aired, storage facilities across the country have seen auction attendance rise. 

So what are some of the best finds from the show?

Darrell Sheets: 

Darrell paid a large $3,600 for a storage unit that was totally worth it. The locker was filled with original art by Frank Guttierez. An expert estimated that the collection was worth approximately $300,000, making it the biggest payout in Storage Wars history. 

Berry Weiss:

After Berry handed over a single dollar for a pretty empty locker, he discovered a strange mask. It turns out that the unique mask was worth about $300. 

Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante:

The couple found a mysterious “spy kit” in a San Francisco Locker. The unique find included a radio frequency radio detector, a wristwatch with a tiny hidden video camera and a pair of surveillance glasses. The kit was valued to be worth $1,100.