Seth Rogan and James Franco Star in the Short Film “Dumpster Diving”

We are excited about this short film, created by highschoolers, that features dumpsters as a recurring plot point! The star studded cast includes Seth Rogan, James Franco, Nick Kroll, and Hannah Simone.

Thanks to a collaboration between Seth Rogan, his friend Evan Goldberg, and input from Adrienne Slover, a kindergarten teacher in Toronto, high school and elementary students had the opportunity to create a short film.

Getting Their Feet Wet in Hollywood Film-Making

Students from two schools, a high school in Hollywood and an elementary school in Toronto, had the chance to submit applications to work with “professionals in the film industry.” The application involved answering questions like “What are your favorite films?” and “What would you like to do to help your community?”

On filming day, students found out that they would be working with stars like Franco and Rogan.

The film’s focus is on bullying, but with a comedic twist. At Roll-Off Dumpster Direct, ¬†we are happy that the film both begins and ends in a dumpster!

We would like to thank everyone involved with “Dumpster Diving” for bringing dumpsters to Hollywood, where they belong.