Schenectady Does Their Part to Combat Littering

throwing away garbageWe’re proud of the students, business owners, and community members in Schenectady, NY who recently donated their time and efforts to make their community a cleaner place. 

A recent article highlights 2 initiatives in Schenectady that aim to reduce the amount of litter in the area. Each spring, Joe Aragosa, owner of Marty’s True Value Hardware, organizes a cleanup event. Volunteers gather to pick up litter in the Goose Hill neighborhood, located on Schenectady’s northside. 

In 2020, another initiative will take place. The Schenectady Foundation announced that it would be awarding $250,000 in community grants. The Goose Hill team won $24,000 from that grant to spend on placing trash cans throughout the city. These cans were decorated with the artwork of local third-grade children from Yates Elementary School.

The drawings had an anti-littering message. 9-year-old Jeremiyah Thompson summed up his feelings “When you just drop stuff on the floor, the wind can push it and it can go into the river and kill the fish. The fish is saying, ‘Please, don’t litter in my river.’”

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