Giraffe Roll-Off Dumpster Direct in South Carolina is excited to help the Greenville Zoo. The Greenville zoo is constantly undergoing constructions and changes, which results in an overload of waste and debris. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct was able to deliver over 20 dumpsters to the Greenville Zoo. 

One of the newest construction projects happening at the Greenville Zoo is the giraffe feeding platform. This will allow people to come up and feed their giraffes and this is scheduled to be open by July 1st. Another large project the Zoo is undergoing is the Amur Leopard holding-day room. This building serves as a day room, where the visitors can view leopards when they are not in the exhibit. The Amur Leopards are a critically endangered species, with only about 100 left. This exhibit is scheduled to be open by late May. 

The Greenville Zoo recently welcomed the newest giraffe into the world by creating a fun auction. The highest bidder was able to officially name the giraffe, receive a behind-the-scenes tour, and a private keeper talk for a small group to meet the giraffe calf. The winner decided to name the baby giraffe Providence!

Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is excited to be able to help contribute to the Greenville Zoo. If you’re in need of a roll-off dumpster for your home or commercial business, please contact us for information. 

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