pine lake It’s official – summer is on our front doorstep! While many of us have begun planting seeds, watching tulips burst forth from the ground, or breaking out the swimsuits, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has been busy helping local campgrounds gear up for a busy season of fun!

Pine Lake Campground Gets Ready for Summer

When the winter season sets in, campgrounds close up shop pretty quickly. In some locations, heavy snow can block hard-to-reach campsites, leaving a mess when the ground finally thaws. At Pine Lake Campground near Pinehurst, North Carolina – Roll-Off Dumpster was called to help them prepare for the summer of visitors. As a lakeside park, Pine Lake is full of fun things for everyone in the family – from fishing and swimming to lawn sports and hiking. It was our pleasure to help the campground clean up. 

Cleaning a Campsite

As responsible campers, it is your job to clean up whatever you pack in – including food (no one wants a bear surprise), fire remnants, trash, or personal items. Even if you are a clean, respectful camper – campgrounds still need a lot of preparation and cleaning before they open the gates to campers. Here are a few things that campgrounds do to prepare for the summer season:

  • Site-by-site clearing – debris from fall foliage or winter weather can leave branches, rocks, and more covering the sites. Camp hosts and forest service employees use a large dumpster to remove this debris to give campers a clean, clear spot to enjoy.
  • Outhouse service – everyone appreciates a real bathroom when camping! Parks and forest service personnel typically hire a company to service the outhouse, but cleaning the trash or the interior after winter can take time. 
  • Lodging – some campsites have larger accommodations. This lodging can accumulate a lot of trash, debris, and typically needs a fresh ‘purge’ after the long winter.

Disposing of Trash While Camping

Cleaning the campground is an ongoing process all summer long. As a camper or recreation user – you can do your part by disposing of trash properly. Not only will this help keep away unwanted visitors (bears, eek), but it will keep the environment clean and refreshed for others for years to come! Best practices for disposing of trash while camping include:

  • Use designated dumpsters – many campgrounds designate dumpsters for specific campsites. These are locking dumpsters that prevent critters from getting inside and making a mess. 
  • Leave no trace – you’ve most likely heard this old saying – but it is wise to listen to it. Whatever you bring camping – take it back out with you! If you make food, dispose of it in a locking dumpster or store it inside a vehicle or camper. Do not leave trash laying around for any period of time (including disposable cameras as the scent can attract wildlife).
  • Be fire smart – if you start a fire, do not burn your garbage. Many products we use contain dangerous chemicals that can affect animals, the environment, and you. Some chemicals in these products are also very flammable and can have the potential of starting forest fires.
  • Bring recycling bins – if you have the space, bring recycling bins that you can lock in a vehicle or camper to help reduce your overall environmental footprint. Not everything needs to be thrown away! 

Keep Camping Clean for Generations

We all need to do our part to keep the environment clean for generations to come. We love taking advantage of outdoor spaces – including campsites – but unless we help keep the areas clean and clear of trash, one day these spaces may not be there. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is proud to help contain the garbage and haul it away to responsible places that can dispose of it properly. Need a dumpster for your business? Get in touch with us today.

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