Roll-Off Dumpster Direct Assists with Storage Purge

storage unitIt’s the latest and greatest in trends – becoming a minimalist. As more and more people start sorting through and getting rid of their unneeded and outdated items, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct is proud to partner with them!

The Ultimate Refresh

There are many studies about the incredible effects of minimizing your personal items and keeping your spaces tidy. As people, our mental health is greatly affected by clutter, messes, and disorganization – and not in a good way. In fact, one of the best ways to improve your mood, boost your mental health, and jump-start a lifestyle refresh is by cleaning out your house, closets, and/or storage units. 

Individualized Service to Help the Process

Over the last few months, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has assisted many individuals and families as they strive for a healthier and more minimal lifestyle by cleaning out and organizing their storage units. Because our team offers many different sizes of dumpsters and has one of the longest rental periods in the industry, families are able to cater their orders to their exact needs. There may even be instances when you rent a certain size of dumpster thinking you will only be getting rid of a small amount of clutter and come to realize that you need a bigger one after experiencing how refreshing it is to purge!

Quick Tips

As you’re cleaning out your storage units, it is important to remember a few things.

  1. Donate. While you are taking advantage of the heat this summer by tackling these minimalist projects, don’t forget to look up donation centers near you. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct allows you to swap out dumpster sizes whenever you need to, so if you find that you can donate a lot of items instead of throwing them out, we can assist you.
  2. Be Flexible. Going through old items can bring up a lot of emotions and memories. It is important to take the time to really decide if things are trash, donatable, or a keepsake. Remember, you can also extend your rental if you need more time to sort through old belongings. 
  3. Know What You’re Throwing Out. Certain items cannot be disposed of in a dumpster – items like medications, old batteries, or electronics need to be recycled or disposed of properly. We have the resources for you to know where to take these items.

No matter what you need, get a quote from Roll-Off Dumpster Direct today and improve your mental health by clearing out this summer.