Not too long ago, we stopped by the Washington International School in Washington D.C. When we arrived, we found that this campus housed anything but your typical school.

This school was established in 1966 by Dorothy Goodman who realized the need for a Washington D.C. school that catered to the needs of the international as well as American families living in the area. The school started with only three preschool students learning in the basement of a house. Goodman dreamed that one day Washington International School would grow into a place where children would become multilingual while still gaining an educational foundation in math, geography, world history, and the arts.

Today, the school is her dream come to life. Now, 900 boys and girls from Pre-K all the way to Grade 12 take on an international baccalaureate program and learn to be what the school describes as “engaged global citizens.” In addition to rigorous academics, the students take on challenging sports schedules, get involved in arts programs like theater and music, and take part community service. The school even offers travel programs around the world.

Dorothy Goodman served as the school’s head mistress until 1985, at which time 530 students represented 80 different nations. We haven’t asked, but we’d guess it’s safe to say she’s pleased with the continued progress of her basement school. Despite the fact that we all graduated some time ago, we at Roll-Off Dumpster Direct found ourselves wishing we could enroll here.

For more information, check out the Washington International School website.

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