How to prepare your site for dumpster delivery

When you rent a roll-off dumpster or container there are a couple things to do in preparation. First, decide where you are going to place the dumpster. Please check with your municipality concerning any required permits. It is typical for municipalities to require a permit for a dumpster placed on the street, as opposed to in a driveway or on private property.

The delivery truck and roll-off container are heavy, even when empty, so we recommend placing the dumpster on a hard surface. If the dumpster is put on the lawn or bare earth expect some damage to the surface from the immense weight. A paved or concrete surface is ideal for receiving a dumpster. Additionally, we recommend taking a precaution by placing plywood to prevent scratching or marking.  Finally, check for any overhead obstructions (wires, tree limbs, roof eves, etc.) that would impede delivery.

It is best to have someone on site to receive the dumpster delivery but we understand that is not always possible. If no one will be on hand, we recommend marking an area indicating where the dumpster should go and having plywood already laid out. The driver should know where to place the dumpster without guessing. If you are concerned the placement will not be obvious to the driver, you should have someone on site.