Post-Holiday Clean Up

christmas messWhen the Christmas music starts to fade, the wrapping paper has all been ripped off those special, once-secret gifts, and all that remains of Santa’s cookies are a few crumbs too small for even a mouse . . . it’s time for the post-holiday clean-up. Many of us love to bask in the Christmas mess, because it reminds us of joy, of laughter, and of family . . . but as that feeling subsides, that once joyful mess can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to bring some organization and a ‘sense of clean’ back to your home after the holidays.

The Bigger the Mess

It isn’t just the wrapping paper that makes a mess after Christmas. Family visitors and guests, extra cooking and baking, holiday cards, decorations, and more can all contribute to a big, festive disaster. ‘Sizing up’ your mess can help you decide how to begin the task. Determining your needs for the post-holiday clean-up before you begin the job can help you shave off a lot of time. 

Organization is Key

Of course, not everything is trash. Many decorations are heartfelt items that have been in the family for years, some items may need to be donated to make room for the new, and other holiday things may just need to be packed up for use next season (such as unused wrapping paper, gift tags, and bags, or bows). Separating these items into piles based on the category will help the clean-up process go quickly and will keep your storage room organized and ready to pull back out in a year’s time.

Recycle and Donate

Many cities have excellent recycling and donation resources. The best tip here is to look at your city’s government page. There are also many programs that allow you to donate or recycle your Christmas tree after the holidays for use in animal shelters or zoo habitats. In addition, recycling things like cans will put a little extra change in your pocket – or your child’s pocket – and is a great little job for kids to feel like they are making a difference!

Use a Trusted Dumpster Rental Company

If you did happen to have a large celebration and need a dumpster to clean up the post-Christmas mess, Roll-Off Dumpster Direct has the solutions for you. Whether you just need a little extra garbage space with a 10-yard dumpster, or you have decided to turn the house upside down to declutter for the new year and need a 40-yard dumpster, you can trust that our team can help you get the job done! We also offer the longest rental period in the industry. Start the year off with a clean slate in every regard, or get a jump start on some spring cleaning! Get a quote today!