Playground Construction is Important for Childhood Development

When choosing a daycare for your child, do you ever look at the playground? If so, what do you look for? Obviously safe equipment is necessary, but playgrounds are important for childhood development as well.

We recently helped out at a new playground construction site in Belcamp, MD at Child Time Daycare. We could see that designing a playground was very organized and researched work. That got us to wondering exactly how each piece of equipment was chosen for most playgrounds. After some research, we can share our findings.

For example, swings are often very popular among children. Obviously, this is because they are fun and exciting. However, swings also help children develop balance and coordination skills. Similarly, slides give kids climbing exercise and monkey bars help to build upper body strength.

In addition to physical benefits, playgrounds also provide social exercises for young children. Areas designed for free play like soccer or basketball encourage youngsters to play together. Ramps and jungle gyms are also places where kids are likely to strike up conversation with one another. In other areas, playgrounds teach self-control, sharing, and how to take turns. Kids stand in line and wait for a swing or slide to become available.

After considering these aspects, it easy to see that proper playground is an important part of a successful daycare. If you’re stuck between choosing facilities for your young one, look for equipment that is fun, safe, and encourages physical activity and social interaction. Your child will have a great time while developing important life skills.