Philly Celebrates Beer Week

Those of you in the Greater Philadelphia area are probably familiar with Philly Beer Week, and know that Philadelphians are currently celebrating their favorite ales at their favorite venues all over the city.

After delivering to a Samuel Adams Brewery in¬†Breiningsville, PA, we decided to look into the festivities a little further and find out what they’re really about. First, we discovered that the 10-day long celebration was founded in 2008 and is the largest celebration of its kind in America. It is run and operated by a nonprofit company in the hopes of promoting Philly’s beer and hospitality industries.

We’d say it’s pretty safe to say that so far, it’s been successful. Each year the dinners, tours, pub crawls, and drink specials attract thousands of beer lovers to the streets of Philly. In fact, over 100 cities have copied this Philadelphian tradition in the hopes of boosting business in a similar way.

We hope that any of you in the area find time to get out and enjoy the celebrations. The events run until Saturday, June 8 and can be found at ¬†However, if you’re specifically looking for some Sam Adams, we recommend you try the Field House at 1150 Filbert Street this Friday for Flight Night!