Philly’s Splashiest Party Works Around Dumpster Pool Ban

Last year, Philadelphia made international news when the Cedar Street Block Party featured a dumpster pool.

Philadelphia law enforcement was not happy about the pool and refused to issue future permits for parties on this block. However, the forces behind this annual jamboree wouldn’t be stopped so easily.

Operation Jersey Girl

After getting bounced around from department to department, Justyn Myers, the party’s organizer, was able to obtain the city’s reluctant approval for another block party. His permit did specify that absolutely no dumpster pools would be permitted.

An architectural designer and avid cliff jumper, Justyn Myers is an innovative sort who was ready to come up with an alternative to dumpster pools. That’s where “Operation Jersey Girl” came into play.

The Roadblock Pool

For several weeks before the party, Justyn and his friends rounded up any Jersey plastic barriers they saw. They used these to create a 12′ X 8′ rectangle, added a layer of AstroTurf to the bottom, and tied down several waterproof tarps over the whole thing.

The entire neighborhood was invited to the party on Saturday, July 29. Dozens of residents turned out and the pool was a hit among all age groups.

Party-goers also enjoyed a moon-bounce, dunk tanks, a giant water slide tunnel, and more.

Check out the full story and see photos of the pool here.