Paintball: The Next Big Sport?

In a country seemingly obsessed with guns, a new sport has developed and evolved in the past 30 years.  Paintball guns use pressurized CO2 to fire small gelatin covered balls of paint.  This equipment is used for different variations of the sport paintball as well as for military training.  We recently delivered a dumpster to Skirmish, the self-declared world’s premier paintball facility, in Albrightsville, PA near Jim Thorpe.

Although there are multiple variations of the sport, the most basic form of paintball involves a simple two teams.  Each member of both teams has a single gun loaded with paintballs.  Players may move freely throughout a set field, which has bunkers and other obstacles to hide behind.  If at any time a player is hit with a paintball (marked), that player is out.  The last team standing wins.

The sport of paintball has become increasingly popular in the past ten years and even has a professional league now, which has been featured on national television.  Paintball sites like Skirmish offer artificially and naturally created paintball fields, rental equipment, and referees so that anyone can participate in this military-style sport.  Although playing can get pricey because of the sheer number of paintballs used, many facilities offer special rates and discounts, especially for new players.