Nuclear Power: Good or Evil?

Nuclear power has long had a negative stigma as a result of its potential for destruction.  However, nuclear power also has a lot more upside than many realize.  We recently delivered a rental dumpster to a Dominion Nuclear Power Station in Surry, VA.

Nuclear energy comes from a process called fission, which involves harnessing the energy from the atomic bonds of a certain isotope of Uranium after its nucleus splits.  This process does create some radioactive waste, but because of the intense scrutiny put on nuclear plants for safe disposal, this waste poses a relatively small risk.

Nuclear power, aside from the radioactive waste, is a clean process; it produces no greenhouse gases.  When compared with traditional fossil fuel power production, nuclear is very environmentally friendly and is now the most widely-used source of power aside from fossil fuels.  In fact, it accounts for about 20% of electricity in the United States.  In order to produce the same amount of electricity as a 1000 mega-watt nuclear plant for a year, we would need to burn 13.7 million barrels of oil or 3.4 million short tons of coal.  So, although nuclear power is not a perfect process, it seems like a welcome alternative to other methods.

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