The Luxurious Dog Life

Not too long ago, we made a delivery to Elizabeth Ann Kennels in Stirling, New Jersey. The kennel describes itself as a “Bed, Biscuit, & Resort Spa” for pets. As you can probably guess from that description, this is not your average doggie day care. In fact, the pet resort offers amenities such as pet lodging, pedicures, massages, and plenty of outdoor activities to ensure that your furry friend feels like a celebrity in your absence. While to some this may seem a bit extravagant, pet resorts and spas are actually part of a growing trend — some might say the new norm.

Another example of the new kennel industry is the Top Dog Country Club. Here, the amenities include a turf lawn, orthopedic mattresses, a heated swimming pool as well as heated tile floors, among other luxuries fit for most humans. According to the NY Times, the socialization while boarding trend began about ten years ago when kennel owners began charging small fees to add “play time” as an additional service to just boarding. Since then, community play between boarding pets has become a necessity that both keeps the dogs occupied and happy and allows pet owners to feel like they’re sending their animals on a vacation rather than a punishment.

After reading up on some of these doggie resorts, we’re a bit jealous we can’t stay ourselves. However, knowing that our pets are away having a great time makes enjoying our own vacations that much easier. Everyone deserves to be spoiled every once in a while — even the dog.