Lucy Stone’s Legacy Living on at Rutgers

Rutgers University’s Lucy Stone Hall is home to many department offices and is named after Lucy Stone, founder of the New Jersey Woman’s Suffrage Association.  We recently delivered one of our 20 yard containers to help with a sidewalk and step repair job.  We were inspired by the work done by this building’s namesake.  

Lucy Stone attended Oberlin College starting in 1843, where she graduated with honors and was selected to write a commencement speech for her classmates.  The first woman to graduate college in the state of Massachusetts, Stone represented a large step in the right direction for the early women’s rights movement.

Other initiatives taken on by Stone included refusing to take her husband’s name and supporting women who wanted a divorce.  Even today, Stone’s legacy lives on in buildings like the one at Rutgers and through women who choose to keep their birth names, who are called “Lucy Stoners.”