Loco for Doritos Locos


Thanks to our recent delivery to a Taco Bell in Greencastle, PA, we were inspired to write a post dedicated to the innovation of the fast food chain and its recent influence on other nationwide chains.

We’ve all heard of the raging success that is the Doritos Locos Taco. You may have even devoured more of the cheesy delights than you’d like to admit. You are not alone. In fact, sales of these tacos surpassed $1 billion just this past October. Now, parent company Pepsico is looking to share its unique flavoring in other ways. They recently signed a contract with Buffalo Wild Wings that will introduce Doritos-inspired items into the menu. Such offerings are rumored to include chip-topped saucy wings and fried potatoes. According to Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith, the restaurant chain has also viewed ideas for salad dressings and sandwich sauces that will use Pepsico’s soft-drink flavors like Mountain Dew.

We hope we haven’t gotten you too excited, though. Smith says testing for these products won’t begin for another year. In the meantime, we suggest you indulge in the familiar favorite. Whether nacho cheese, cool ranch or fiery is your flavor, you have plenty of time to anticipate the arrival of more Doritos-flavored foods to the restaurant scene. Just don’t forget where all the hype started — at your local Taco Bell.