Tips for Keeping Your Home Spotless

Now  is the perfect time to get back into a regular home cleaning schedule, starting with that big spring cleaning. Recent research has found that homeowners are investing more money into home renovations because they feel the economy is stabilizing. Many key renovations, such as increasing energy efficiency, can add significant value to your home.

The only way to conquer these key home renovations is to first deal with the mess, which is why we have compiled some tips for keeping the most important rooms of your home clean and efficient.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is in the center of it all. Property management experts often say that the kitchen is the most important room of the house. It’s a place for family and social gatherings, and it’s important that it stays clean for healthy and safe eating purposes.

Declutter the countertops by finding a place for appliances that you don’t regularly use. Don’t use the Keurig on a daily basis? Keep it underneath the counter for safe storage.  When it comes to dishes, use tin foil to line pans and cut down on the mess. Instead of completely scrubbing all your dishes, give them a good rinse and put them straight in the dishwasher. Many people end up over-cleaning dishes which wastes time, water, and makes the clean-up process even more overwhelming.

Every couple of weeks go through the refrigerator. If you don’t see an expiration date and you know that something has been sitting a while, throw it out. Waste disposal is much easier earlier on, plus you won’t have to worry about eating that rotten cheese later.

2. Laundry Room

This room suffers much abuse and seems to become an oversized laundry basket for the family. Instead of throwing dirty clothes all over the place, set up labeled laundry baskets to make the process a whole lot simpler.

Many homeowners complain that their washer develops an unpleasant smell. Make sure that you are using the correct detergent for your machine, as many high efficiency washers require a specific detergent. Also, don’t overstuff your laundry loads because this could be a cause. If the smell continues you can try running an empty hot water load with baking soda and vinegar or bleach.

3. Bathroom

Since the bathroom is used by many on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to give this room a solid weekly cleaning.  If you are looking to create a natural bathroom cleaner for sink and bath surfaces, try mixing 16 ounces of baking soda, 4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid, and 1 cup of warm water.

When it comes to the bath and shower, prevent mildew from building by using a towel to wipe down the surfaces after every shower. For more bathroom cleaning tips, visit the bathroom cleaning guide from TLC.

Once you take out the trash, you’ll be able to start focusing on improving your humble abode. It’s much easier to concentrate on moving forward when you reduce the household clutter.

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