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How To Maximize Space In A Small Home

Small houseLiving in a small apartment or house can make you feel limited and cramped. But a small space can still give you everything you want out of a large house. We put together a list of tips and tricks to help organize and design your small space to allow you to feel like you’re living large. 

9 Tips To Maximize Your Space

  1. Start with your furniture. Buy exposed leg furniture, which adds more visual space to your living area. Stay away from bulky furniture as this will only take up unnecessary space. When buying furniture, try to find pieces that can be multifunctional as well.
  2. Mounting your TV can be a great way to gain more space. Mount your TV above your fireplace, or a wall: this will give you a modern, less cluttered look.
  3. Decorate with large pieces. Oversized pieces of art can make your wall space appear larger than it really is. This can also be done with floor to ceiling bookshelves and windows.
  4. Strategic storage spaces can help maximize your space. Go with floating shelves and built-in bookcases for lots of storage options that don’t take up much space.
  5. Keep it clean. A space with a lot of clutter will make you feel more crowded and cramped. Be sure to eliminate any junk and clean as you go.
  6. Hang hooks and strips. This can help save counter space by hanging your knives, mugs, and utensils. This can help organize hats, coats, and other apparel that often take up space.
  7. Install pocket doors. Pocket doors help save space for small rooms that have doors that swing open.
  8. Mirrors are great for small spaces. Mirrors reflect light, making a room feel larger and welcoming.
  9. Use color when painting and decorating. Pastel and light shades can really open up a room.

Rent a Dumpster to Help With Cleanup

If you’re looking to maximize your small space, a roll-off dumpster can help with this project! If you’re eliminating clutter or adding in new shelving and bookcases, a roll-off dumper can help with easy cleanup. Roll-Off Dumpster Direct can make this process quick by dropping off the dumpster at your location of choice, and when the dumpster is ready for removal, we send a truck to come and take it away. 

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