Incorporating Exercise Into Your Routine

For many, fitness is a goal, but not a reality.  One of the most common reasons for not exercising regularly is that exercise is not incorporated into the person’s schedule or that there is not enough time in the day.  Our VA dumpster rental team recently delivered a dumpster to a company who is trying to fix this problem–Anytime Fitness.

Anytime Fitness is exactly what it sounds like, a gym that is open 24/7.  With around-the-clock availability, finding a time to get to the gym is not nearly as difficult.  In honor of Anytime Fitness’ commitment to making fitness a reality for many busy people, here are our top five fitness tips:

1. Start Gradually.  Doing too much, too fast is the easiest way to injure yourself and send yourself back to square one.
2. Have a Regular Schedule.  Once working out becomes part of your routine, you won’t feel like you’re taking time out of your day to exercise.
3. Pick an activity you like doing.  Exercise can be fun, and when it is, it won’t feel like such a chore.  
4. Set Realistic Goals.  It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t immediately lose weight or feel stronger.  Remember that it’s an ongoing process; fitness doesn’t happen overnight.
5. Use the Buddy System.  Making the commitment to getting in shape with a friend strengthens your relationship and makes you both more likely to stick to it.