Even Film Companies Rent Dumpsters

Perhaps you’ve seen the one of the newest series to grace AMC — and no, we don’t mean Breaking Bad reruns. We’re talking about Game of Arms, the series that chronicles the lives of competing arm wrestlers from all over the country.

Undertow Films, responsible for the Discovery Channel hits Shark Wranglers and Airplane Repo, was a recent customer of ours. Because this company is so unique, we thought they’d be a great example to share on our blog. According to their website, they have current projects open with Discovery Networks, Animal Planet, History Channel, Esquire, AMC and TLC.

However, Game of Arms seems to be the company’s most popular project at the moment. Its season finale aired back in April, but one search on Twitter will show you just how many viewers were tuning in episode after episode to learn more about how these competitors balance their careers, personal struggles, family lives, and reputations. In fact, many of those tweets were sent to remind others, “not to skip arm day.”

Undertow is known for its creative, character-driven storytelling abilities. Although the shows they produce are documentaries, viewers get to enjoy these true stories through a cinematic lens. This is what makes series about professional arm wrestlers and shark researchers accessible to all of us Average Joes.

We know we can’t what to see what else this company comes out with!