Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Ever since we delivered a rental to a Jo-Ann Fabric out in Bluefield, VA, we’ve been inspired to be more crafty. What better time to try out creativity than Halloween?

For parents, making your kids’ costumes is a great way to save money. Our parents all did it, although now-a-days Halloween costumes are much more advanced than the classic felt crayon look. Believe it or not, it’s not too difficult to make some high quality pieces. You just have to be strategic.

Here are some of our favorite, simple, DIY costume pieces. Mix and match to make the perfect costumes for yourself and your kids!

  • Broken Umbrella Bat Wings. Instead of throwing away your old umbrellas, save them for Halloween. The canopy with its metal rods looks surprisingly like the underside of a bat’s wing. Attach one end to the arm, the other to the waist, wear a black shirt, and voila!
  • Stuffed Glove Moose Antlers. This is a great, comfy DIY costume. Take a pair of nude or white winter gloves, stuff them with cotton balls, and attach to a headband. This easily pairs with any warm, brown clothing to create a full moose costume.
  • Sock Spider Legs. Again, this couldn’t be simpler but looks great when finished. Collect six, long black socks and stuff them with other socks. Fasten them to a long sleeve black shirt, and you’re one of the creative ones at the party!
  • Our Favorite. You’ll need a box, some orange, green, or blue paint, and maybe some string for straps. Remove the bottom of the box, paint the sides, attach straps to let it hang from your shoulders and you are…A DUMPSTER!
  • Tulle Collars and Tutus. These are slightly more involved, and require the use of tulle, elastic, and a sewing machine. You can find the full directions in the Jo-Ann Fabric blog.

We hope our stab at a DIY Halloween gave you some inspiration! Feel free to leave your own creative ideas in the comments below!