Drilling for Oil in Erie, PA

Roll-Off Dumpster Direct completed a delivery to a home in Erie, PA, where the customer informed us he was drilling for oil in his yard. While there are some legal issues when it comes to drilling in your backyard, it is nothing new. 

So how exactly do you drill for oil?

According to an eHow article, “All it takes is the right circumstances, the right research and the right process to become a miniature oil baron yourself.” Here’s a little more info about how it’s done:

1. Take a look around. If you notice that there is drilling going on in your area, then there’s a chance you might be able to find some oil in your own yard. Look for small rigs because that suggests that you won’t need to drill as deep.

2. Research. Take a look at government records to determine state policies. Many states require drillers to report wells, and this is information you can probably find through your state’s Department of Conservation.

3. Drill. Once you are fairly certain that your yard is plentiful with oil, get in touch with a contract driller. Managing a project like this requires a great amount of knowledge, so it’s best to find someone that is trained. Plus, purchasing a personal oil drill will cost upwards of half a million dollars. 

4. Pump. After you have your 2,000 foot well you’ll need a pumping system to transport the oil. The contractor that completes the drilling can also probably complete this task. 

5. Store. Make sure you understand local regulations on oil storage. You’ll most likely have to keep your barrels in an enclosed area surrounded by some “No Smoking” signs.

6. Ship it. Contact an oil-delivery company to pick up your barrels. If all goes well you should be rich in a small matter of time. 

While we are no experts on drilling for oil, it’s definitely an interesting process that you really need to know a lot about before even considering. While many people have profited from discovering oil, it’s no surprise that it’s a pretty expensive process from the start.