bathroom renovation by a construction workerSpring is a time of year when many of us start executing the projects we’ve had planned. As exciting as it is to plan the updates to your new home, one thing that’s a little bit of a bummer is how these projects can cost a pretty penny.

One way to save that doesn’t require too much-advanced skill is to do the demolition on your own. Keep reading to get our tips and tricks for a successful process.

How to Prep Your Space for Demolition

  1. The first step is very important–turn off the electricity to your kitchen at your breaker box. It’s also a good idea to also put a piece of tape over the switch, so no one mistakenly turns it on while you’re working. Now is also a good time to turn off gas and water.
  2. Cover your floor with a drop cloth.
  3. Rent your equipment: useful items include a dolly for moving heavier items and a dumpster. For a project like this, a ten-yard dumpster is usually best.

After you prep your space, it’s time to start removing your old fixtures and appliances.

  1. Garbage Disposal: Loosen the compression nut with channel lock pliers, and the disposal unit should fall right off. Make sure someone is waiting to catch it!
  2. Sink: Using a utility knife, cut the silicone bead at the edge of the sink that holds it onto the counter. Place wooden 2 x 4s under the edges of the sink while you loosen it. Next, use a hammer or pry bar to lift the sink out of the counter.
  3. Cabinets: First, remove everything from inside the cabinets, and remove the doors and drawers. You can either reuse the cabinets in another area or donate them to a charity. If that’s the case, make sure you label each door and drawer for reassembly. Tape the screws to the hinges, and pry the cabinet off of the wall. 
  4. Countertops and Backsplashes: Pry countertops and tiles from the backsplash, or use a saw to cut the countertops into chunks.

Do it Yourself and Save Money

Renting a dumpster to overhaul your home remodeling is a great way to save on the total cost of your project. Plus, it’s easy to do, and it can even be fun!

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