Del Frisco’s Adds a Triple Treat to the Summer Menu

If you live around the Washington D.C. area, you’re probably familiar with Del Frisco’s Grille. They also have 12 locations nationwide so even readers in other areas will want to listen up.

This new menu addition will take you straight back to your childhood days. This adult happy meal is certainly newsworthy, as it combines classic indulgence with quality ingredients and presentation. To put it basically, the triple treat combines an adult milkshake, double patty cheeseburger, and steak fries. However, you’ll want to take part in this classic combo soon as the promotion will only last until Labor Day.

The Grille’s Prime Double Cheeseburger consists of two patties made of a blend of USDA Prime short rib and brisket topped with cheese, the usual lettuce and tomato, and a special sauce — all held together by a brioche bun. When it comes to your side of fries, you have an option of sea salt, Parmesan, sweet potato, or original. Of course, this comfort food wouldn’t be a meal if it weren’t accompanied by a decadent twist on the traditional milkshake. Incorporated in this intoxicating mix is Nocello Walnut Liqueur, Crème de Cacao Chocolate Liqueur and vanilla ice cream. This is a modern take on an American classic, and one that anyone is sure to appreciate.

For more information about this temporary addition to the stylish Del Frisco’s Grille menu, check out their press release. If you’re lucky enough to have a location near you, we suggest you stop by soon — even if you won’t be trying the new Triple Treat.