Connect with Little Italy

We had the pleasure of delivering to a tasty spot in King of Prussia, PA not too long ago. Maggiano’s Little Italy is a national chain that still makes you feel like you’re in your grandmother’s kitchen. The menu offers classic and contemporary Italian-American cuisine all made from scratch daily.

While we’ve always been impressed by the food and service at this chain, a more recent discovery motivated this blog post. We found that the Maggiano’s posts its own blog to share with lovers of Italian food all over. On this blog, representatives of the restaurant share recipes, special events, and inspiration for your own future planning.

It’s not often that the food service industry reaches out in such a personal way. And since we’re part of the unconventional blogger world, we really appreciate those efforts. Also, who couldn’t benefit from some cooking advice from a respected national name?

Lastly, we thought it would be nice to share one very important thing we learned from said blog. If you order one of the Maggiano’s classic pastas, you can order a second to take home free of charge. This special goes on all day everyday. You’re welcome.