Cape May Artist Scavenges Dumpsters for Wood Canvases

In Cape May, NJ, one man looks at dumpsters as bins filled with opportunity. Peter Henderer is an artist who dumpster dives for creative canvases and materials to form into works of art.

Henderer creates wooden artwork from materials he scavenges, trimming and refinishing wood scraps to give them new life. Henderer is also fond of fashioning shovel heads, garden rake fins, and lightbulb eyes into sculptures of fish.

From Trash to Art

In 2015, Henderer first took up wood art. Now, it’s his full-time job. He spends 40 hours per week transforming his dumpster finds in the shed-turned-studio behind his grandparents’ home in Cape May.

While Henderer’s artwork has a unique twist, this isn’t the first time we’ve written about using dumpsters to create artwork. Check out this post about elementary students who used a dumpster as their canvas.