7-Eleven Comes Out With Diet Slurpee

7-Eleven has unveiled a new slurpee flavor — and it’s diet. That’s right. A slurpee that won’t negate your workout. Luckily, we just made deliveries to a few stores in the Pittsburgh area and were able to see how well it’s working out.

The new Diet Coke Cherry Frost is the first frozen coca-cola product in nearly 30 years. It is only 30 calories per 20 oz. serving and is said to have all of the delicious qualities of a diet coke but with a refreshing cherry flavor. What’s more is that you can even get one for free! Text “DietCoke” to 711711 or download the 7-Eleven mobile app to get your coupon. There is a limited supply and the coupons expire May 20.

While the flavor is still relatively new, customer reviews are very positive so far. We’re certainly looking forward to giving it a try. Who doesn’t love a good frosty drink? Click here to check out some of 7-Eleven’s other slurpee flavors. You might be surprised by what’s already available.

7-Eleven plans to release more diet coke flavored beverages throughout the year, which means fans of the slurpee have a lot to look forward to. After a limited time, the frozen drinks will start to become available at other retailers too.

We were happy to help out these stores with dumpster rentals. We hope to make more stops for both rentals and slurpees in the near future.