Silver Hammer Studios – The Chameleon of Venues

Have you ever just been inspired by a room? That’s precisely what a recent client sets out to do. We delivered to Silver Hammer Studios in Charlotte, NC and got a taste of a whole new industry that we found fascinating.

Although this client may sound like a hip, rock recording studio, it’s actually just a venue. However, we don’t mean to say the place isn’t cool. In fact, this venue can be transformed into the perfect location for any event. To give you an idea, it’s been the soundstage for the Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights and the popular HBO series Homeland. When not being used as a movie studio, the venue is open for wildly popular events of all kinds.

We’ve heard that Silver Hammer is a totally different place each time you step foot inside. In fact, it’s described as “a place only limited by your imagination.” Well, that’s enough to catch our attention. 

It seems like the traditional party at a restaurant or hall is going out, and the new events are all about the venue. From what we can tell, it certainly sets the feel for the evening. We were happy to help out the newest it-spot in event hosting with a dumpster rental. Keep your eye on this venue for big things to come in the future!