Moving can be an incredibly stressful time. Not only are you changing your comfort zone, but you may be changing careers, cities, and even relationships. So the last thing you probably want to deal with is packing. Fortunately, moving is an excellent opportunity to purge unneeded items that will clutter your new space and allow you to assess what is essential as you ‘move’ on.

The best way to make packing for a move go smoothly is to make lists. Before dumping all your random stuff into one box and calling it good, separate it into categories and start your purge from there. Below are some lists of things to get rid of when you move. 

The Office 

  1. Notebooks, Planners, & Calendars. Throw out old notebooks, calendars, planners, or notepads that have been used. Shred private documents that are no longer needed or set aside in a to-file pile. 
  2. Writing Tools. Toss dead pens and markers. Grab a scratch piece of paper and test your writing tools. If they are dead or starting to fade, toss them. There’s no reason to take those along.
  3. The Extras. Donate extra folders or empty notebooks to a good cause. If you don’t plan on filling these up anytime soon, many students in your community need supplies.
  4. The Little Things. Paperclips, sticky notes, miniature erasers – throw them out! These are all small and will get lost at the bottom of your moving boxes, stuck in your vacuum cleaner, or never seen again. It’s better just to start new as these little things are incredibly cheap.
  5. Books. Pass along books you have read or donate them. Some books are worth keeping forever, but remember, books are heavy. Be very strict about what you will read again. Unless you have hired a moving company, you don’t want to be lifting 50-pound boxes of books when you move.

The Bedroom

  1. Bedding & Mattresses. Start with your bedding. Moving is a fantastic time to go shopping for new bedding and mattresses. Unless you recently purchased these items, they are worth recycling. 
  2. Clothes and Shoes. While we don’t think it is necessary to be as strict as Marie Kondo, we know that Americans tend to hoard things in their closet. Go through your clothing items and be realistic. If you have not worn an outfit in the last 12 months, donate it. If it is worn out or has holes, throw it out. 
  3. Hangers. They are cheap, and as you are sorting, you will most likely break a few. Throw them out and start fresh with a bundle of new hangers when you move.
  4. Toys. If sorting through a kid’s bedroom, throw out broken toys that cannot be repaired. If a toy has sat at the bottom of the toy box for the last few months, donate it. Box up clothes that are too small for your children and either donate them or set them aside for the next baby (only keep the items in good shape or that have special meaning). 

The Living Room

  1.  Furniture. You may not want to hear this, but it’s time to choose a new couch. Your new home will have a different layout, most likely, which means getting furniture that fits the space will be key to creating a functional living area. The good news is that you can sell your furniture! If it is in good condition, without rips or stains, you should be able to get a good chunk of cash to pay for your new furniture swag.
  2. Rugs. Time to roll up the old carpet and toss it. Not only do rugs collect bacteria and dust mites, but they won’t match your new aesthetic. Start with a clean rug, and you’ll be happier and healthier.
  3. Wall Pictures & Decor. Unless it was given to you by your great-grandmother or it is a picture of your sweet family, you should sort or donate decor.
  4. Entertainment. We hope you aren’t, but it’s time to move on if you are still carting around that old 90s VHS or DVD player. Don’t even bother donating them; just throw it out. Not only are these outdated, but they take up a lot of space. Instead, try a streaming service with Firestick or Roku and let your life begin anew. DVDs and CDs can be ripped to your computer and be discarded or donated.

The Bathroom

  1. All of it. Yes, we mean it: old bath towels, washcloths, and mats should be thrown out. It is a cheap room when wanting to start over. Also, please don’t take your old toothbrush with you. 

The Kitchen

  1. Cleaning Supplies. We recommend using any cleaning supplies for your move-out clean and then correctly and safely throw them away before you move. Transporting cleaning products can be dangerous. If they get spilled, they can damage the boxes and items they are around. It is best to buy new when you move.
  2. Old or Unused Appliances. If you just now remember you have a food processor at the bottom of the pantry, you can probably donate it or sell it. Chances are, you aren’t going to change your cooking habits anytime soon.
  3.  Food. No, we don’t recommend throwing away the hundreds of dollars worth of food, beverages, and snacks in your pantry. A good rule to follow is to eat from home as much as possible before you move. Don’t add new items to your pantry. Get creative with your recipes and use up as much as you can. Groceries are getting expensive, so don’t throw food away but try to pack as little as you can. If you are moving cross-country or aren’t planning on moving into your new place right away- throw away all perishables.

We Can Help

While this list is not exhaustive, we hope it helps give you a good starting point as you begin thinking about what to get rid of when you move. We also recommend using our services if you feel overwhelmed or have too much stuff that needs to be thrown away. We offer different sizes of residential dumpsters and offer the most extensive rental period (21-days) in the industry. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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