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Professor Agrees to Live in Dumpster for an Entire Year

downloadWhile the average American home continues to get better and use more resources, one Austin, TX college professor is taking part in an experiment to cut way back — to just one percent. Jeffrey Wilson, affectionately known as Professor Dumpster, moved into a dumpster on Huston-Tillotson University campus back in March to prove to his students and the community that you can have a good life while using only 1% of the water and energy used by the average American household. (His dumpster is also 1% the size of the average home at six by six feet.)

At first, Wilson was essentially camping in this dumpster, getting water from the town lake, using candlelight, and storing his very few belongings in a false plywood floor. In August, he entered Phase II of the project. They were able to equip the dumpster with air conditioning just in time for Texas heat of August. In this phase, the dumpster will be hooked up to the electrical grid and afforded many amenities of the modern home such as bedding, cooking supplies, solar lighting, and an improved roof.

Phase III, called The Über Dumpster, will kick off in Spring 2015. In this phase, the team plans to combine the best of the first two phases — using modern amenities while creating the smallest ecological footprint possible. Design ideas for Phase III include a composting toilet, solar-heated shower, and a flat screen television.

To keep up to date with Professor Dumpster and the HT Green is the New BlackTM student organization, check out the website.

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Food Lion Feeds: Holidays Without Hunger

food lion holidays without hungerWith Thanksgiving approaching, we’re starting to really sit back and think about all we have to be grateful for. A roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and awesome clients who really care about their fellow man. After a delivery to a Food Lion in Greensboro, NC, we were really impressed with the work they were doing in the community for the holiday.

Holidays Without Hunger

Specifically, the ‘Holidays Without Hunger’ campaign was of particular interest. Between November 19 and December 13, customers at any of the 1,100 Food Lion locations can purchase and donate a specially marked food box for $5 or give a cash donation at the register. All of the proceeds will go to America’s largest domestic hunger relief charity, Feeding America, and will benefit local food banks.

Food Lion Feeds

Through similar in-store campaigns, Food Lion has already donated 40 million meals this year and has a goal of 500 million by the end of 2020. You can learn more about various community campaigns on the Food Lion website. While there, you can check out all of the all of the area food banks supported by Food Lion Feeds.

We hope this post inspires all who read it to do something worthwhile for their own communities! Happy Thanksgiving from Roll Off Dumpster Direct!

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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Trick_or_TreaterEver since we delivered a rental to a Jo-Ann Fabric out in Bluefield, VA, we’ve been inspired to be more crafty. What better time to try out creativity than Halloween?

For parents, making your kids’ costumes is a great way to save money. Our parents all did it, although now-a-days Halloween costumes are much more advanced than the classic felt crayon look. Believe it or not, it’s not too difficult to make some high quality pieces. You just have to be strategic.

Here are some of our favorite, simple, DIY costume pieces. Mix and match to make the perfect costumes for yourself and your kids!

  • Broken Umbrella Bat Wings. Instead of throwing away your old umbrellas, save them for Halloween. The canopy with its metal rods looks surprisingly like the underside of a bat’s wing. Attach one end to the arm, the other to the waist, wear a black shirt, and voila!
  • Stuffed Glove Moose Antlers. This is a great, comfy DIY costume. Take a pair of nude or white winter gloves, stuff them with cotton balls, and attach to a headband. This easily pairs with any warm, brown clothing to create a full moose costume.
  • Sock Spider Legs. Again, this couldn’t be simpler but looks great when finished. Collect six, long black socks and stuff them with other socks. Fasten them to a long sleeve black shirt, and you’re one of the creative ones at the party!
  • Our Favorite. You’ll need a box, some orange, green, or blue paint, and maybe some string for straps. Remove the bottom of the box, paint the sides, attach straps to let it hang from your shoulders and you are…A DUMPSTER!
  • Tulle Collars and Tutus. These are slightly more involved, and require the use of tulle, elastic, and a sewing machine. You can find the full directions in the Jo-Ann Fabric blog.

We hope our stab at a DIY Halloween gave you some inspiration! Feel free to leave your own creative ideas in the comments below!

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Tips for Your Best Back to School

building-40596_640Quite often, we rent dumpsters to schools to help with end-of-the-year clean up or to prepare for an upcoming term. Not too long ago, we made a delivery to a school in Norwood, PA and it reminded us just how stressful this time of year can be for parents and students alike.

To help ease the anxiety of “back to school,” we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you juggle those varying schedules seamlessly. The sum of our advice? Don’t get stressed, get organized.

1. Make lunch easy.

You want to give your kids a nutritious lunch, but you also need to make it to school and work on time. Make it easier on yourself by stocking up on healthier side options to accompany a sandwich. Rather than making an entire meal, throw together a sandwich and grab some yogurt or fruit out of the fridge.

2. Get into a laundry routine.

School uniforms can sometimes be a nightmare. It seems like constant washing, folding, ironing. The laundry piles up and then you’re scrambling to get it done. Come up with a routine that works for you. For example, we like to iron shirts for the week on Sundays then hang them up. It really cuts hassle out of the morning.

3. Less house work, more homework.

Don’t get stressed if the kitchen floors haven’t been mopped. You can scale your normal cleaning routines down while you’re busy and catch up when you have extra time. Instead, channel that energy into getting your kids on an effective homework and studying routine.

4. Don’t forget breakfast!

There’s a reason breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, and that’s especially true for kids in school who eat on a schedule. A bowl of cereal is a quick but filling breakfast. On days when you’re really running late, grab a banana and a granola bar to eat in the car.

5. Label, label, label.

Don’t you hate buying expensive school necessities, only for them to go missing at the most inopportune times? It’s worth it to write your child’s name in his or her sweater, lunchbox, books, and other accessories. That way, it’s more difficult for classmates to mistake those items for their own.

Best of luck for the upcoming school year! We hope these tips help!

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The Factors of Dumpster Rental Pricing [Infographic]


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Renting a dumpster may seem like an investment to some people, but when you consider the factors that go into waste collection and disposal, it’s an affordable alternative to handling waste disposal on your own.

When you are looking for a dumpster rental quote, consider the main factors that determine dumpster pricing.

1. First, you must consider the price of purchasing an actual dumpster. Obviously, it’s not worth buying a $4,000 dumpster that you’ll only use a few times. Renting a dumpster ensures you won’t be charged an arm and a leg for one-time use. As shown, the bigger the dumpster, the higher the cost.

Cost of purchasing a dumpster: $3,795-$5,295

2. Second, factor in the cost of transporting a dumpster. Dumpster companies must haul the dumpster to a few stops. Fuel costs alone make this a costly effort.

Cost of transporting a dumpster: $150-$300

3. Rental periods vary by dumpster rental companies. For a longer job, you’ll want to choose a company that offers a long rental period so you won’t be surprised by rental extension fees.

Rental period options: 7-21 days

4. Unfortunately, waste doesn’t just disappear into mid-air. Most waste is taken to a landfill, and prices of disposal vary by location.

Cost of waste disposal in PA (per ton): $75.96

Considering all of these factors that go into waste disposal, it’s important to understand that you should choose a dumpster rental company that best suits your needs. Not sure how much it will cost? Roll Off Dumpster Direct offers instant online quotes, so you’ll know the costs before you rent.





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Courtyard by Marriott Barbados Embraces Local Clientele

1024px-Sign_of_the_Barbados,_Courtyard_MarriottWe enjoy delivering dumpsters to well known hotel chains. The staff is always so accommodating. After our latest delivery to the Courtyard by Marriott in New Jersey, we learned something interesting about one of their other locations and we thought we’d share it with you.

The Marriott Barbados is encouraging locals to stop by for an affordable “staycation,” among other services. There are different packages, one includes a night’s stay and breakfast, and there are also day passes available for locals to come by and use the hotel’s facilities. The Marriott rewards programs also allow participants to build up points they can use internationally.

According to representatives, business this summer has been going very smoothly compared with some of their competitors. They say a lot of this success is owed to the business brought in by local clientele.

Employees from the Marriott Bridgetown (in Barbados) recently took to the Sheraton Mall to promote these staycations. They described the rewards programs to locals, explaining that the points they earn during staycations could reduce the price of international vacations. Shoppers were also able to spin a wheel and win prizes, including stays at the Marriott Bridgetown.

For more information, read the full story at The Advocate.

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Paper or Plastic? What are Americans Recycling Most? [Infographic]


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According to the EPA’s 2012 report, Americans recycled and composted almost 87 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2012. The infographic above breaks down different categories of waste. On the left, you can see the total amount of waste generated, and on the right, you can see how much of that was recycled and composted. The percentage listed in the middle is representative of the rate at which a material is recycled.

In 2012, American generated over 251 million tons of trash, putting the recycling rate at 34.5%. This rate continues to rise. In the year 2000, Americans recycled 28.5% of materials.

As the infographic shows, yard trimmings and paper products are commonly recycled. While food and “other waste” makes up a big portion of generated waste, this is the category with the least amount of material recycled.

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Del Frisco’s Adds a Triple Treat to the Summer Menu

Red_Robin_burgerIf you live around the Washington D.C. area, you’re probably familiar with Del Frisco’s Grille. They also have 12 locations nationwide so even readers in other areas will want to listen up.

This new menu addition will take you straight back to your childhood days. This adult happy meal is certainly newsworthy, as it combines classic indulgence with quality ingredients and presentation. To put it basically, the triple treat combines an adult milkshake, double patty cheeseburger, and steak fries. However, you’ll want to take part in this classic combo soon as the promotion will only last until Labor Day.

The Grille’s Prime Double Cheeseburger consists of two patties made of a blend of USDA Prime short rib and brisket topped with cheese, the usual lettuce and tomato, and a special sauce — all held together by a brioche bun. When it comes to your side of fries, you have an option of sea salt, Parmesan, sweet potato, or original. Of course, this comfort food wouldn’t be a meal if it weren’t accompanied by a decadent twist on the traditional milkshake. Incorporated in this intoxicating mix is Nocello Walnut Liqueur, Crème de Cacao Chocolate Liqueur and vanilla ice cream. This is a modern take on an American classic, and one that anyone is sure to appreciate.

For more information about this temporary addition to the stylish Del Frisco’s Grille menu, check out their press release. If you’re lucky enough to have a location near you, we suggest you stop by soon — even if you won’t be trying the new Triple Treat.

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Kohl’s Cares, So Should You

Kohls_-_Cincinnati_Mills_Mall_(9762496114)We all know that Kohl’s is great stop when you’re looking for a bargain. However, Kohl’s can also be a wonderful place to shop if you’d like your purchase to benefit someone in your own community. We were reminded of this when we stopped by a Kohl’s in Blue Bell, PA for a dumpster delivery.

Through the initiative known as “Kohl’s Cares,” the corporation fulfills philanthropic goals in the communities where its stores are located. The main focuses include children’s health and education, environmentally friendly solutions, and women’s health. In addition, Kohl’s employees take part in “Associates in  Action” and volunteer time locally to better the community.

At this point in the year, the Kohl’s Cares Cause Merchandise program is especially important as 100% of the net profits benefit children nationwide. From now until September, plush toys and books can be purchased in-store or online for just $5 and will go toward injury prevention, nutrition, immunization, and a variety of other beneficial programs in your community. Since 2000, the Kohl’s Cares Cause Merchandise program has raised $257 million nationwide.

In addition to selling merchandise, Kohl’s Cares also offers discounted fundraising gift cards for school and youth nonprofits to sell and benefit from. They also partner with local hospitals to keep kids educated about maintaining their own health. For more information about these initiatives, including the Kohl’s Cares scholarships and youth soccer organizations, visit the website.

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Even Film Companies Rent Dumpsters

DevonLarratt-TarasIvakinPerhaps you’ve seen the one of the newest series to grace AMC — and no, we don’t mean Breaking Bad reruns. We’re talking about Game of Arms, the series that chronicles the lives of competing arm wrestlers from all over the country.

Undertow Films, responsible for the Discovery Channel hits Shark Wranglers and Airplane Repo, was a recent customer of ours. Because this company is so unique, we thought they’d be a great example to share on our blog. According to their website, they have current projects open with Discovery Networks, Animal Planet, History Channel, Esquire, AMC and TLC.

However, Game of Arms seems to be the company’s most popular project at the moment. Its season finale aired back in April, but one search on Twitter will show you just how many viewers were tuning in episode after episode to learn more about how these competitors balance their careers, personal struggles, family lives, and reputations. In fact, many of those tweets were sent to remind others, “not to skip arm day.”

Undertow is known for its creative, character-driven storytelling abilities. Although the shows they produce are documentaries, viewers get to enjoy these true stories through a cinematic lens. This is what makes series about professional arm wrestlers and shark researchers accessible to all of us Average Joes.

We know we can’t what to see what else this company comes out with!

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