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Dumpsters and Diamonds


Despite the April showers, we are encountering the beautiful weather of Spring. This is a time for new beginnings — and also a time for marriage. Because our readers will likely be attending a wedding in the upcoming months, we decided to take a stab at a wedding-themed blog post. Too, a delivery to Giannini Jewelers in Ardmore gave us a bit of inspiration.

We did a little looking and rounded up the top engagement ring trends of the year. And if you’re thinking about proposing this Spring or Summer, pay attention.

1. The Halo Style

Here, micropave diamonds surround the center stone. It looks a bit vintage, and also makes the center diamond look bigger and shinier. A win, win!

2. Rose Gold

Until recently, engagement rings have been purely platinum or white gold. Perhaps again inspired by a vintage charm, you’ll now see brides-to-be sporting rose gold rings.

3. Sapphires

After the Royal Wedding, rings of blue have become very popular. For a bride who sees herself as different and elegant, this might be the right choice. Of course, you’ll have to treat her like a queen forever.

These are just a few of the trends we were able to spot with our untrained eyes. For a professional opinion, check out The Knot.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Blue_bucket_with_Bruce_hardwood_floor_cleanerSpring is finally here! This means sunshine, flowers, letting air in the windows, and finally getting rid of all that clutter you’ve let build up over the long winter. Spring cleaning is one of the most satisfying ways to get a fresh start, but where do you begin?

We’ve made a checklist to make your seasonal cleanup a bit easier. Here, we’ll break down room by room some ways to get the most out of your scrubbing. However, we do want to remind you that the first step in each of these rooms is to OPEN THE WINDOWS. It is Spring, after all.


1. Empty your cabinets. Wipe down the blank shelves and check for any food or medicine that has expired. You’ll be surprised how much space is wasted on items that are past their expiration dates.

2. Clean the oven, stove top, and sink. These are items you use everyday but probably don’t get around to cleaning very often. This type of cleaning can also stop germs from getting into your food.

3. Create counter space. Your kitchen will seem much larger without so many unused items taking up space. Instead, stash some appliances you don’t use everyday in a cabinet. You’re sure to have some extra room after step 1.


1. Declutter. Throw away any items you don’t need like an old toothbrush or eye cream. Also, collect items such as jewelry or clothing that actually belong in other rooms.

2. Scrub places you normally neglect. This might include a toothbrush holder, vent, cabinet, or drain. 

3. Perform a thorough cleaning of any linens, mirrors, windows, sinks — and of course, the toilet.


1. Remove and reorganize your drawers. Donate any clothes you don’t need anymore to create more space.

2. Freshen your mattress by letting it sit in baking soda, then vacuuming. While you’re at it, be sure to vacuum under the bed.

3. Clean the window sills, vents, and lamp shades.

And, if you decide to take on any Spring renovations be sure to give us a call to help with waste removal!

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Connect with Little Italy

Maggiano's_in_Friendship_HeightsWe had the pleasure of delivering to a tasty spot in King of Prussia, PA not too long ago. Maggiano’s Little Italy is a national chain that still makes you feel like you’re in your grandmother’s kitchen. The menu offers classic and contemporary Italian-American cuisine all made from scratch daily.

While we’ve always been impressed by the food and service at this chain, a more recent discovery motivated this blog post. We found that the Maggiano’s posts its own blog to share with lovers of Italian food all over. On this blog, representatives of the restaurant share recipes, special events, and inspiration for your own future planning.

It’s not often that the food service industry reaches out in such a personal way. And since we’re part of the unconventional blogger world, we really appreciate those efforts. Also, who couldn’t benefit from some cooking advice from a respected national name?

Lastly, we thought it would be nice to share one very important thing we learned from said blog. If you order one of the Maggiano’s classic pastas, you can order a second to take home free of charge. This special goes on all day everyday. You’re welcome.

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Silver Hammer Studios – The Chameleon of Venues

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you ever just been inspired by a room? That’s precisely what a recent client sets out to do. We delivered to Silver Hammer Studios in Charlotte, NC and got a taste of a whole new industry that we found fascinating.

Although this client may sound like a hip, rock recording studio, it’s actually just a venue. However, we don’t mean to say the place isn’t cool. In fact, this venue can be transformed into the perfect location for any event. To give you an idea, it’s been the soundstage for the Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights and the popular HBO series Homeland. When not being used as a movie studio, the venue is open for wildly popular events of all kinds.

We’ve heard that Silver Hammer is a totally different place each time you step foot inside. In fact, it’s described as “a place only limited by your imagination.” Well, that’s enough to catch our attention. 

It seems like the traditional party at a restaurant or hall is going out, and the new events are all about the venue. From what we can tell, it certainly sets the feel for the evening. We were happy to help out the newest it-spot in event hosting with a dumpster rental. Keep your eye on this venue for big things to come in the future!

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What do I need to know about renting a dumpster?

roll off container for rent

If you’re taking on a construction or renovation project, you will likely be renting a dumpster. But how do you know which is the right one? And should you take any precautions?

How big is your project?

At Roll Off Dumpster Direct, we offer rentals 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards in size. A 10 yard dumpster holds 10 cubic yards of waste — and the same for the other sizes. Also, all of the dumpsters are 8 feet wide. However, the larger sizes are considerably taller and longer. For a detailed list, visit our dumpster sizes page. When renting, keep in mind the type of project you’re tackling and how heavy your waste will be. For example, a 10 yard dumpster might be perfect for roof shingles or small bathroom renovation, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for disposing of concrete or rock.

Where are you putting the dumpster?

Obviously, you’ll be looking to rent a dumpster that is proportionate to your driveway, or wherever else the dumpster will be placed. (You’ll need to check with your local parking enforcement office before putting it on the street.) However, it is not always cheaper to simply choose the smallest size. If the smaller dumpster needs to be emptied multiple times, you’re usually better off renting a larger size — as long as you have the space to house it. Also, remember that a truck will be hauling the dumpster and will need to back in and out of the driveway so there will need to be a cleared path.

What are you putting in the dumpster?

Dumpsters are a simple way to get rid of all of your waste materials during a big project. Still you can’t just throw anything in there. The following items are prohibited:

  • Paint
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Dirt
  • Chemical Products & Industrial Waste
  • E-Waste (batteries, computers, televisions, microwaves, etc.)
  • Oils

Should you take precautions?

Finally, you should know that the rental company is not responsible for any damage to your driveway. In this transaction, it is the customer’s job to take the necessary precautions. We recommend placing 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood on the driveway to protect it from scratching. Some customers also choose to place tarp around the dumpster to catch any debris that misses the dumpster.

Now that you have some basic information, you’re ready to rent a dumpster. Use our free online quote tool to see your low price, and place your order online today.

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Playground Construction is Important for Childhood Development

2009-04-21_Hampton_Forest_Apartment_Homes_playgroundWhen choosing a daycare for your child, do you ever look at the playground? If so, what do you look for? Obviously safe equipment is necessary, but playgrounds are important for childhood development as well.

We recently helped out at a new playground construction site in Belcamp, MD at Child Time Daycare. We could see that designing a playground was very organized and researched work. That got us to wondering exactly how each piece of equipment was chosen for most playgrounds. After some research, we can share our findings.

For example, swings are often very popular among children. Obviously, this is because they are fun and exciting. However, swings also help children develop balance and coordination skills. Similarly, slides give kids climbing exercise and monkey bars help to build upper body strength.

In addition to physical benefits, playgrounds also provide social exercises for young children. Areas designed for free play like soccer or basketball encourage youngsters to play together. Ramps and jungle gyms are also places where kids are likely to strike up conversation with one another. In other areas, playgrounds teach self-control, sharing, and how to take turns. Kids stand in line and wait for a swing or slide to become available.

After considering these aspects, it easy to see that proper playground is an important part of a successful daycare. If you’re stuck between choosing facilities for your young one, look for equipment that is fun, safe, and encourages physical activity and social interaction. Your child will have a great time while developing important life skills.

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How to Prevent a Dumpster from Damaging Your Driveway

orange-dumpsterIf you’re having construction or clean-up done at your home, you’ll probably need a dumpster rental. That also means that the dumpster will be delivered to your yard or driveway, and that you are responsible for any damages caused to your own property.

Prevent Scratching

Roll Off Dumpster Direct recommends that you place 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood over your driveway where the dumpster will be placed. These sheets can be recycled, but make sure they don’t have any nails or screws sticking out. The wood will prevent the dumpster from scratching the pavement. It will also even out the weight distribution.  Additionally, some customers like to place tarps around the dumpsters in case any debris falls over the sides.

Driveway Materials

If your driveway is concrete and hasn’t been paved recently, you may not have much to worry about. Freshly paved driveways are sometimes softer and cold be indented once a heavy load is placed on top. It is also important to remember that asphalt becomes a bit softer when hot. If you have an asphalt driveway and it is sunny out, try and find a shady spot to fit the dumpster to avoid indentation. Finally, some people wish to have the dumpster placed on the lawn but this is an easily damaged surface. The plywood trick may help, but the lawn is not a recommended space for roll off dumpsters.

Consider Weight

However, it is also important to remember that once the dumpster is filled with materials, it can be quite heavy. Customers needing heavy appliances hauled away should consider how best to avoid damage. Additionally, the trucks that come to remove the dumpsters will bring a significant amount of weight into your driveway. If you’re concerned that your driveway can’t support one of our larger dumpsters, try our 10-yards-sized option. This can hold ten cubic yards of waste, or basically 5 pickup truck loads’ worth. If this isn’t enough, we also offer 20, 30, and 40 yards.

Because the rental company is never responsible for property damage during the rental period, you should take the proper precautions to protect your driveway. Don’t complicate your construction project by adding your driveway to the list. Check out our FAQ list to see our answers to other important questions.

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7-Eleven Comes Out With Diet Slurpee

7-eleven_shopfront7-Eleven has unveiled a new slurpee flavor — and it’s diet. That’s right. A slurpee that won’t negate your workout. Luckily, we just made deliveries to a few stores in the Pittsburgh area and were able to see how well it’s working out.

The new Diet Coke Cherry Frost is the first frozen coca-cola product in nearly 30 years. It is only 30 calories per 20 oz. serving and is said to have all of the delicious qualities of a diet coke but with a refreshing cherry flavor. What’s more is that you can even get one for free! Text “DietCoke” to 711711 or download the 7-Eleven mobile app to get your coupon. There is a limited supply and the coupons expire May 20.

While the flavor is still relatively new, customer reviews are very positive so far. We’re certainly looking forward to giving it a try. Who doesn’t love a good frosty drink? Click here to check out some of 7-Eleven’s other slurpee flavors. You might be surprised by what’s already available.

7-Eleven plans to release more diet coke flavored beverages throughout the year, which means fans of the slurpee have a lot to look forward to. After a limited time, the frozen drinks will start to become available at other retailers too.

We were happy to help out these stores with dumpster rentals. We hope to make more stops for both rentals and slurpees in the near future.

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Boston Market Reduces Salt in Menu Items

2008-08-11_Boston_Market_in_DurhamWe were surprised to learn that Boston Market has been toying with its recipes to reduce sodium. After making a delivery to a location in East Brunswick, NJ, we didn’t notice any difference. And it seems that no customers have either.

That’s because the comfort food chain has gone to great lengths to make menu items healthier without sacrificing taste. So far, Boston Market has been able to reduce the sodium levels in mashed potatoes by 26 percent, poultry gravy by 50 percent, cornbread by 30 percent, stuffing by 19 percent, and meatloaf by 18 percent. Not only has the chain not received commentary over the change, but stuffing sales over the holidays actually increased. Virtually no one realized that the great food they’ve always enjoyed had become healthier — not even the associates serving the food.

The research and development team worked strenuously to maintain the same taste in each item. In some cases, flaky sea salt was used to reduce sodium. In others, like the mashed potatoes, the other flavors were increased to make up for the lack of salt. Once the team felt they had found the right recipe, the items are brought to company taste panelists. If the panelists can’t tell the difference between the old and new recipes, they are tested in select locations. During these tests, only management was aware the reduced sodium items were being served alongside the traditional recipes. The test is a success if the customers can’t tell the difference.

Currently, a reduced sodium macaroni and cheese is being served in about 40 restaurants. If the test is successful, Boston Market will have created a mac and cheese dish we don’t have to feel guilty about eating — a dream come true. 


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Wal-Mart Takes Toxins Off Shelves

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter delivering a dumpster to a Wal-Mart in Lewistown, PA, we heard some great news about  a new business plan created by the discount giant. Since it will affect customers, we thought our readers might like to hear about it.

This week, Wal-Mart released a detailed outline of their new plan to reduce consumers’ exposure to harmful chemicals. They are now demanding higher standards of safety from their suppliers, forcing many to reformulate products in order to remain on the store’s shelves. These personal care products — such as soaps, makeup, household cleaners, and even baby products — will have to be formed without toxins.

This is a bit of revolutionary step, as not even the federal government has this kind of power over manufacturers. According to Dispatch.com, Wal-Mart is such a big customer for these manufacturers that reformulating is the only option. Taking products off the shelves would be too large of a hit to the companies’ profits.

Manufacturers have until January 2015 to disclose ingredients, and within a few years they must comply with Wal-Mart’s new standards. Wal-Mart has identified certain dangerous chemicals that they will not allow to be sold from their chain, many of which are currently used in personal care products. They consider these chemicals dangerous because they cause cancer, reproductive problems, or pose another health or environmental threat.

In October, Target announced a similar plan that encouraged manufacturers to phase out the use of harmful chemicals. This new trend has environmentalists excited about the future. Certainly, Wal-Mart’s and Target’s requirements will cause companies to permanently change formulas for sale in every store. Finally, retailers can come together and accomplish important consumer health goals that are even out of the government’s power.

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